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hey stranger,
it's been awhile
since we last spoken
you've been neglecting me
these past few years
i guess you felt your
relationship was worth it
but something told me
to tell you ...
you are missed
your smile is missed
the way your soul
glowed when you did
things that made you happy
is missed
you usually ignore me
and don't even bothering listening
when i say what i'm about to say next
which is ...
you and i know both know
you deserve better
and you and i know both know
that no matter how much you love them
if they loved you back
you wouldn't feel like this
don't you miss being happy?
don't you miss waking up
without having to put on a facade
just so you can finish a day?
well, i'm going to stop now
because i know how much
the truth hurts
but i hope you listen
- from your old self

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