Chapter 17 - concern

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“You can’t help. No one ever could.” He stares hard at Cam before looking at me. “We’re leaving.” Jason grabs my arm and all but pulls me off the stool.

I have just enough time to grab my bag off the bar before I’m being dragged along.

I hear Cam and Eddie calling his name, asking him to come back, but he doesn’t stop. He just strides out of the bar, and I have to jog to keep up with him.

Thankfully, there’s no sign of Drake when we get outside.

Jason doesn’t stop walking. He continues on along the roadside, pulling me with him, and he lifts his hand for an approaching taxi.

“Will you just slow the hell down?” I yank my arm from his grip.

“No.” He grabs my arm again as the taxi pulls up beside us. He opens the door and manhandles me in. He barks his address at the driver. Then, he finally sits back in his seat.

I fold my arms over my chest. “I don’t appreciate being manhandled like that. And I didn’t even get to say good-bye to your friends. You were really rude to them, you know.”

“I’ll buy them a fucking card to apologize.”

“You’re acting like a total dick. You don’t like that Drake  guy, fine. Doesn’t mean you get to act like a prick toward me.”

His eyes swing to mine. The look in them makes me want to shrink back in my seat. Possibly get out of the cab—while it’s still moving.

“I thought you liked it when I acted like a prick?” His voice is low and dark.

I don’t get a chance to respond because he grabs the back of my head and slams his mouth down on mine.

His kiss is hot and hard, angry and so  hot.

He’s devouring my mouth, his tongue sliding along mine. His hand grazes up my waist and pulls me closer to his body then starts moving his lips down my neck as I arch my neck and lean closer to his body.

And I don’t even stop him.

I don’t care that we’re in the back of a taxi and that the driver can probably see what Jason is doing to me.

I don’t care about anything but him.

I’m mindless, lost in Jason ’s touch, his body…his kiss.

Almost as if reading my mind, he brushes his lips over my cheek and says into my ear, his words hot against my skin, “Does it turn you on that he might be watching what I’m doing to you?”

I turn my head, staring into his dark eyes. “Yes, it turns me on.”

“You make me so crazy .” he says as he bites my earlobe.

“Oh God,” I whisper.

He’s just  sexy and so fucking dominant.

He’s like a sexual force of nature that I wouldn’t know how to stop…and I don’t want him to stop—ever.

Jason abruptly stops kissing me and pulls back  as I whimper at the loss of his lips on my skin.

I quickly realize that the taxi has stopped, and we’re outside Jason’s building.

Without a word, Jason pulls some bills from his wallet and throws them at the driver.

He opens the door and grabs ahold of my hand, pulling me out of the taxi. He starts speed-walking to his building, and I have to rush to keep up.

He doesn’t even stop to return the hello to the night watchman. He just marches straight for the elevator and jabs at the button. The door slides open, and he yanks me inside the elevator. He presses the button for his floor, inputting his number on the keypad.

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