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Zayn's point of view

The next day, I heard that Rocco and his men were definitely arrested and were not a danger to us anymore.

"Where's that girl ?" My father asked in a sigh.

"Who?" I didn't hear him well.

"The one who yelled at kidnappers to save you," he specified and that couldn't be anyone but her. It sounded funny, but she was the funniest person I have ever met anyway.

"I guess she's gone home... But hey, I can call her tomorrow, yeah ? That would be cool !" He nodded. That will scare the shit out of her. Ha.


"WHAAAAT?!" She exclaimed when I popped in front of her house with a chauffeur and my baron, telling her she was awaited at the Castle.

"Yeah, you'll come, won't you?" I asked her as Garry, the baron stood straightly behind me. I bet he was feeling all weird about why I was so keen on her coming. After all, I never beg to anyone, but then again, she isn't  'anyone'.

"Well, Zayn, you know... the king wants to meet me ? In his castle ? Uhh. No. This is too much. I cannot..." she said hesitantly while biting her lip. I couldn't help thinking it was attractive.

"Please, he will just thank you or whatever and then we could visit the castle and its whereabouts", I tried and she looked uncertainly at Garry. Oh.

"You and me. Alone", I added and she reddened. I smirked. "Plus, we can do so many things. Just imagine me kis -"

"Fuckety Rickety Truck, shut up, I'll come," she blocked her ears.

"Great, come with me then", I smiled.

"Right now ?"


"I'll come in five minutes", she disappeared through the door and I looked up to  find someone peeking through a window.  It looked like an old woman... Little did Nawsheen know  what was awaiting her. I was so nervous! I have been reciting the lines for over days.

Nawsheen's point of view

I cannot believe it. He's still such an asshole for saying things like that in front of some important person or something. I quickly informed my aunt who was shutting down a window.

"Do you know the Prince ?" She asked in a shocked voice. How can I tell her I'm in love with him ?

"Yeah.. Highschool friends.." I replied with a guilty laugh.

"Friends ? "Questioned Sania behind me.

"Nawsheen, the Prince is waiting for you it seems.. what for ?" My Uncle asked.

"Ohh, okay, okay everyone, everything is under control okay ? I'm going now and I will return... before dinner ?"

"You sure ?" My Uncle asked.

"Yes." I mean, not if some incapable kidnappers get me again, of course.

"You have my blessings," my Uncle said with a smirk.

"Wh -what ?"  I clearly blushed at this.

"He's a nice guy, " my aunt approved.

"So hot a -"

"Sania !" My aunt laughed.

"Uhh, salaam everyone then," I said, leaving myself confused.

"I cannot believe I'm saying but.. let's go.." I announced and reached for the car door handle but Zayn held me back.I reddened at his touch. It has been a while.

The chauffeur opened the door and I entered a limousine for the first time. It was extra. I felt so dirty compared to the limousine. I don't really feel comfy in there though.The weird man next to Zayn was seated in the passenger seat while Zayn and I were in the last backseats of the white limousine.

He held my hand all the while and I couldn't stop from glancing at our intertwined hands from time to time.

"If you had to live in a palace, like me, would you?" He asked uncertainly.

"Um, I... well, if I wasn't alone, I guess it would be okay," I replied.

"With me?"

"I would," I smiled, already imagining how our kids would look like. I already did that thirty times I think. One of them would be named Leila and would have high-set canines, just like Zayn. That's about how detailed I got them.

It looks as if his hands was made for me. Just for me. Oohh well I can still dream.

"We're here,"He whispered and kissed the back of my hand gently. It felt so hot against my skin... My stomach fluttered. Why is he so sweet yet so hot ?

But gosh. I WAS HERE. Will the king be like 'oh you saved my son by yelling so I'll promote your voice and make it an international self-defense technique'? Fuck, probably. Imagine my voice being taught at schools?

"Cookie? Scared?" Zayn asked, peeping at me from outsie of the car. I smirked, looking at him.

"You wish," I said as confidently as I could, getting out myself, ignoring his hand. He frowned but suddenly kissed my forehead. I blushed, "What was that for?" 

"I thought you didn't like me touching you any more. Well, your little red face proves me wrong," he smiles, satisfied.

"Who said I liked your touch?" I asked boldly. Well, duhh, of course I do, but now now, I wouldn't miss a chance to argue, would I ?

"Don't even try to deny it," he raised his brows. Now let me deny it to the maximum.

"I. Do. Not. Like. Your. To -"

"I want to kiss you," he said seriously, looking at me straight in the eye.

"What ?" That is creepy. AF.

"I... Like, I really need to kiss you. Right now," he cupped my cheeks. I took a step back, but he came closer and I didn't budge. What. The. Hell. Why aren't I running away to  Australia ?

I was a total waste : red face, wide eyes, creeped-out expression.

He leaned closer, I tried leaning away and...

"You're a sweetheart, really", he smirked, "Fuck, oh my god Bahhhahaahahaahaha,"

Shit. Shit. Shit.

I faked a crying expression.

"You're ma," he laughed.

"You mean mad ?" I corrected. I wasn't exactly angry nor mad.

"What ?"

"The 'd', you forgot it," I wanted to facepalm myself.

"Oh", he smirked like he won the biggest game ever, "don't worry, you'll get the D later..."

Oh. My. Gosh.

"Buahahahahaha.." he continued laughing his ass off at his lame dirty joke and my supposedly priceless expression.

This guy... is a phenomenon. At risk of extinction.

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