Roshlie- Rainy Day

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Ross's POV

It was already time to go home but, it was raining. Fortunately, had a umbrella so, I haven't gotten wet. Once I turn on a corner, I saw a girl standing in the rain with a book on her. I notice she had the same uniform as Jess, Em and Shelby's uniform (Why Uniforms? Ashlie: idk, that just how our story went) so it wouldn't hurt to help her. I went over to her and tilted the umbrella to her so now, the umbrella is covering her. She looks over to the umbrella and then me. We stare at each other until I asked "you okay?". "Um, yes. Thanks for the umbrella" she said. "Whoops, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Ross, or you can call me Narwhal" (Narwhal? Ross: yea) I said smiling at the last part. The girl giggles and says "My name is Ashlie". I couldn't believe it. She actually likes my jokes. Usually, girl, except Jess, Em and Shelby, hated my jokes and everything I say. "Um, do you want my umbrella?" I asked. "What about you?" Ashlie asked, surprise. "I'll be alright" I said with confidence. "I guess" Ashlie said and took the umbrella. "okay, well, see you tomorrow, bye" I said and ran off. I could faintly hear Ashlie say "Bye, Narwhal". I ran all the way home, ready to see Ashlie tomorrow.

Time Skip brought to you by *bleagh* (Jon: LUNA, don't die)

Ashlie's POV

Today was the day I was going to tell him how I feel. Ross, my Narwhal, is that person I love the most. I planned everything out. On a rainy day, I would do the same thing 1 years (Cory: 1 year? Estimating Cory) ago and tell him how I feel. Uni and Shelby have been dying for me to tell him (Frocomics and Corby everyone. No Zreshlie today Nick: Zreshlie? SHUT IT NICK) . I took Ross's umbrella out and went out. I went around the corner and saw the cute Narwhal. I went next to him and moved the umbrella, cause I'm short, to his head. "Huh, oh hey Ashlie" Ross said. "Hey Narwhal" (Tommy: Freak SHUT UP YOU SHRED LOSER Tommy: I CAN SHRED MORE THAN YOU FREAK Cory: Shut up) I said excited. I could hear my heart racing in my chest. "Gimme my umbrella" Ross said. "No" I whined. "Fite m8 then" Ross said (Is that even possible? Ross: yea Ashlie: Get back to the story) . I luagh at that joke. "Hey Ross, I need to tell you something" (KISSSS Ashlie: Not yet) I said while going under the umbrella (Nick: Too many umbrellas, Jon: So? ) "Um, what is it?" Ross asked. "I fell in love with you and I'll be okay if you don't love me the same but-" I said but got stop by lips on mine. Before I knew it, Ross was kissing me. We kissed for like a few minutes even if it felt like ages    ( -_- ) . I we suprise like I just watch Harry Potter for the first time (Why? Ashlie: Just leave it how it is) . "Ashlie, I love you too" Ross said. "Then, do you want to be my boyfriend?" I asked happily (Cute Dawn: what? Dawn, please be quiet) . "Yes, of course I wanna be with you"

Rain rain
You can stay
Because I have my sunshine
No matter where I go

Hey Lovers. This is pretty late but I'm still trying to get back to the habit. If you haven't seen it, 'The Devil In Us All' book has been put on hold. I'm putting on hold until I catch up on everything. Sorry but I still have school and everything. Have a great day and I'll see you later. Luna out.

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