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The eggs glistened like gems under the heat lamp, cradled in piles of gold fluff. In fact, if one didn't know, they would simply assume that the eggs were two large sapphires. Or perhaps not. Asides from the opalescent sheen, the eggs were the size of footballs.

Elianna smiled at the amount of gold piled up around and under the eggs. No one actually knew if dragon eggs could absorb more magic after being laid, but no one was willing to take a chance.

For once, no one was in the nursery. Adora and her mates were...busy elsewhere. Just in case, however, Elianna remained invisible. There would be questions upon questions upon possible recriminations if she was found and she just didn't need that. Nothing was to disturb her unalloyed joy that Adora and the eggs were safe.

The jing reached out and stroked a finger over the eggs, a hair away from the crystalline shells. The eggs weren't to be touched by any except their dam and sires, but a jing could imagine.

"Congratulations," she murmured. "Your mother managed to find the key, and so here you are."

Here they were, and one of the futures of the planet could be avoided.

"I almost didn't think she would make it," she confided, needing to speak to someone about the burden she'd carried for long centuries. "She was so focused on finding some kind of external solution, a scientific breakthrough or a magic spell, and I couldn't tell her that was the wrong direction."

Another instance in which her prophecies may have done more harm than good, although she liked to soothe her troubled conscience that perhaps the drive to seek out answers had paved the way for Adora to find the real answer in the end.

"And her mates." Elianna sighed, long and happy, almost a coo. "Proof that the Fates can give as well as take away, no?"

She stroked a finger over the curves of the eggs again, then tucked her hand behind her back so she could set temptation at a safe distance. It was probably all right for her to touch the eggs and no one would know, but there was custom, superstition, and above all, she wanted nothing to touch the eggs except love.

"Remember that, won't you? When the Fates tug upon your strings and make you dance, please remember that they can give in just as much abundance as they can take away."

It was a forlorn hope, to wish that the draglets would be able to hear and to remember her words, but she couldn't but say them anyway. So much depended upon them and their mother.

Perhaps too much?

A small chirrup reminded her of her own slip and she smiled wryly.

"Farewell, dearest children."

A shimmer of light, and she was gone. 

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