Storm [Karma Akabane]

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the devil whispered into her ear, "you're not strong enough to withstand the storm."

she whispered back in the devil's ear, "i am the storm."

she was untamed.

she was wild.

she was free.

the look on her eyes as she look her victims life.

the words she whispered before they went into eternal sleep.

her eyes, filled with hatred from the world,

she was a storm,

not the kind


run from

the kind

you chase.

she was chaos.

tearing the souls of others and leaving them baffled.

the way she danced lightly on her feet,

she was flying.

as she whispered, "goodbye." 

to her victims.

they were left in the storm.


she was an enigma.


tbh it doesn't make sense. like wtf i was trying to describe some killer lmao. yes, i used several references and quotes. go to my karma akabane book for more edgy drabble, wow i just promoted.

and like i just wrote a random name lol

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