Chapter Twenty-two: THEY'RE GONE

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Matthew pov

"Ara, no. We are not going to find Vira by ourselves. And I'm not gonna help you," Nick says.

"You owe me Nickelos Nickerson. I did all your homework for you. You. Owe. Me. Big time. Plus,that's a reason why you should believe my calculations. That wasn't even a hard calculation. If you can tell me,right now,what 5x +7x+5y is,then I won't carry out the plan," Ara says.

"I umm,I don't know.... Matthew, help me dude," Nick says,looking at me.

"I know the answer,but I'm with Ara. You should be too. Vira is your best friend. As crazy as it sounds,it may work. We just plan it out. As quick possible," I say,grabbing Nick's shoulder and looking him in the eyes.

" Fine, I'm with you. So,what do you need?" Nick says.

Ara smiles. She pulls out paper and crayons,gets on the floor,and starts drawing out a plan.

"Ok,so here's what we gotta do...."

Later......(lazy writer move)

I quietly open the door and let the drone out. It's a small and quiet drone,extremely expensive, that Mark got for me. I use the remote and fly it around the house, making sure nobody is awake. The cost was clear. We move out, each of us holding a walkie talkie,wearing flashlights taped to our bike helmets.

Nick shares the bike with Ara while I share the other bike with Pat. Like Ara said,it took about 20 minutes to reach the house.

It didn't look like what we expected. It looked like it had been repainted. It looked really nice,somewhere you would wish you could live in. But we knew that hidden inside, was probably the worst place to be.

Vira pov

I passed out. Thank goodness for that too,I didn't want to witness how he beat me up. I woke up in pain. Agony.

Wtf did he do? This hurts so much. Where's Mom and Dad? Where's Ara,Nick,Pat,Matthew, Mark,Ethan,Amy and Tyler? I wanna go home!!!

He's gone. He left. I'm still chained to the bed. How long have I been here? Nevermind, I can get myself out of the handcuff. Thank goodness for YouTube videos.

And done. I'm out of it. Now where's that metal rod he used to hit me?

Matpat pov

I woke up halfway in the night. I had a horrible dream. We found Vira dead,together with all the other kids.

I jumped up in bed,sweat all over my body. I look at Steph next to me. She's crying.

"Matthew, I haven't slept the whole night.... I regret not spending as much time with Vira.... It's all my fault, I'm sorry," she says. She lays her head on my shoulder.

"Steph,if it's anyone's fault it's mine. I'm the father. I should have taken care of her. Instead,I got knocked out with a f*cking frying pan. A frying pan!"

"Come on,let's go check on the kids. I don't want anyone else to be missing. Especially Ara."

Steph and I jump out of bed,Steph still sobbing.

I quietly open the door of the kid's room.


Yes I'm mean,I'm leaving it there. I wanna finish this book so I can work on other things, but nostalgiaaaaaaaaa.

This was my first book on this account, and my most popular, so far.

But I do have a fanfic for Phans.(but like it's not really phan because only Dan adopted her)(don't be mad,just read the description of that story first before you go all crazy phangirl on me)

Maybe I'll have a Stephew book but like I can't compete with Demigod_Timelord like omg hella good stories.

Take it easy guys gals and non-binary pals. PEACE OUT!!

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