Chapter 12: In Walked The Party

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''So your dating now?'' Carol was sitting on my bed. I called her after the date and she rushed over to my house. 

''Yes'' We both squealed out and she jumped on me. ''What about Ethan and Charlotte. What will they think?'' My mood turned sour as I remembered my siblings. 

''If you don't tell them then neither will I'' Caroline placed her hand over her heart. ''You've helped me, so let me help you'' 

''Sisters orders'' I placed my hand over my heart and looked into her eyes

''Sisters orders'' I pulled her in for a hug and we both started to cry.

''Hormonal?'' Carol asked.



''So hows dating mister moody'' Matthew joined us at the lunch table. Me and Kieran had been dating for 2 weeks now and the whispers hadn't gone down. 

Turns out many people were rooting for us. 

''Oh its good'' I smiled and Kieran placed an arm around me. He dipped his head and pulled me in for a kiss.

''Their is children present'' Alec pointed at Hannah and shielded her eyes. ''Stop It Alec I can't see'' She pulled his hand off her eyes and placed her elbows on the table. 

''So up for a game of lazer tag on the weekend boys'' Hannah pulled out an apple and began munching. A look of shock passed over the guys faces. ''Sorry Hannah we've got a ball this weekend'' 

My eyes widened in horror. It looked like someone had slapped me across the face with a fish. The Roulette Ball was this week and I was dating Kieran. My sister won't let me stay home and my brother won't let me wear my coloured contacts again. 

I'm going to need some back up.

''Oh well, how about you Anna?'' Hannah turned her attention to me. ''Sorry Han, I've got a family thing'' I shrugged and leaned back into Kieran. ''We've got all year to do something Hannah'' Alec tried to cheer Hannah up. It was obvious that he liked her.

''Your right Alec we do have all year'' Hannah's mood suddenly brightened. Her eyes shone as she listed of a bunch of things she wanted to do before the end of senior year. 

''I've got to go, I'll see you later'' I kissed Kieran and bid goodbye to my friends. Walking into the bathroom I whipped out my phone and began to dial a name I knew of by heart.

''Caroline I need your help''


''Anastasia are you ready to go'' My sister Charlotte called out from the hall. Caroline helped me disguise myself so if I do see Kieran or his gang they won't recognize me. Caroline was wearing a green dress and curled her long hair. She looked beautiful.

''Um Char can you call me Annie'' I walked out of my room and grabbed my clutch from the hall. Charlotte's face was filled with worry and suspicion. ''There are some people from my school that might be there and I don't want to be recognized'' I rolled my ring around my finger.

''Sure Annie'' My sister smiled and pulled us out into the living room. ''Beautiful as always Anastasia and Charlotte'' My brothers face lit up as Caroline walked into the room. He has always has a crush on my best friend since we were little.  

''What about me E'' Caroline smirked at Ethan and I herd him gulp. My sister looked at me and we shared the same look

I ship it!

''It's Annie now'' Charlotte filled in my brother and he nodded his head approvingly. ''Good idea'' My brother lead us outside to the limo parked in our driveway. He opened the door and we all slid inside. 

The driver pulled out of the driveway and my brother called everyone else. After a few minutes of driving we pulled up in front of a mansion. Lots of fancy cars where parked all over the front lawn.

My brother and sister stepped out of the limo and everyone head turned. The walked up the stairs and into the house. 

''Lets go Annie'' Carol grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the limo. Some people eyed us curiously but many had their attention on my brother and sister. 

''Their so beautiful'' Someone shouted.

''Look at her dress'' Another person shouted.

We walked in through the door and joined my gang at the table. ''Hello Annie, nice to see you'' Colette, and Lynn hugged me while Aketta peppered me in kisses. The guys gave me hugs and some of the sucked the life out of me.

''Lay off Manson I can't breathe'' I sucked in breath as Mason let me go. ''Nice dress Annie'' Noah complemented me while Jamie and Jacob wolf whistled.

''Hello Elaine's'' Kieran walked over to my siblings and shook their hands.  He looked so yummy in his suit Caroline had to pinch me.

''Ah Mandell nice to see you again'' My brother patted him on the back and Mrs Saint stood next to Kieran, followed by his friends. 

''Have you meet my other sister Annie Elaine?'' My brother pushed me forward and smiled. Kierans eyes narrowed and his face turned to stone. Did he recognize me?

''Hello Annie I'm Kieran''My boyfriend stuck out his hand. I dropped my eyes and mumbled out an hello.

I stepped back and hid behind my brother. ''She's not a people person'' My brother shrugged and his eyes snapped over to the door.

''The party has finally arrived'' A voice echoed from the door. I peeked out from behind my brother and my body halted.

Im walked the devil himself

Eric Wolfe. 



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