Chapter 3: Two Can Play That Game

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No offense to you Twilight fans btw

No offense to you Twilight fans btw

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You've been hanging there for long enough— now you're frustrated. You furiously tap your foot before the boy who left you hours ago makes an entrance with the help of an elevator. He smiles at you and gestures you to join him in the elevator. "Come on in, ma'am." You practically sprint into the small box as you call the number given to you earlier today and request the truck that holds all of your possessions, ignoring the strange look people give you due to your goofy run.

You don't know how everything is happening so fast. All of your things are already unloaded and set up, and the neighbors you were told were moving in tomorrow are now settling into their apartments. You know because that's how you woke up.

"Hey! Don't make me throw you through this very wall, you clumsy little shit!"

"You're stupid if you think you can actually take me on, you stupid piece of stupid."


You giggle at the argument before closing your eyes again to sleep. Then, you hear a loud crash.

Darn it.

You look over at the time. It's 3:00 PM... Wait, it's that late already? You sigh as you still make a pointless attempt in trying to take a nap as you hear the sound of two yelling boys. You groan and wrap your hair into a bun before swinging your door open.

"Excuse me?" You angrily hiss at the two boys, who don't seem to hear you. You see pieces of furniture and cardboard boxes fly in front of your face as you try to get the boys' attention.

"Hello?" You wave your hands around as yet another desperate attempt, because clapping, which you had just tried, wouldn't work either.

"I'll kill you, Pa-"

"HEY!!!" You scream with all your might as the boys shut up and look down at you.


The two boys look at each other, then at the short girl, furiously glaring at them. They somehow end up having a mental conversation, their eyes taking on the roll of a messenger for the two.

Find another human, one boy communicates to the other. This one is mine. I call dibs.

But she smells so good!

Yeah, that's why I want her. Her blood smells sweet— it smells healthy.



May the better one win the magnificent award of her blood.

Speaking of blood, her's is kind of boiling.

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