Chapter:1 ~ Past v/s Present (Part II)

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Xavier's POV:


She is so close to me that I can feel her breath and her. She looked at me, making me leaned to her face while she closed her eyes making my heart to beat again with more passion.

Yes. I admit that I can hear our heartbeats like the only sound which is existing in this room or maybe the world, our world.

She can make my feelings go intimate with her just by her blushing face and her shyness towards my touch...

She is entrapped between the wall and me. My hands are on either side of her face for not letting her move away from me.

Our nose touched and I can feel the electric current which travelled down my spine. That mere touch and I can feel her getting more nervous.

She squeezed the towel in her hand not like as if she is holding it but like the towel is holding her.

I am amused to see her face. She is holding her breath and anytime she can just choke over the nervousness we created between us.

I kissed over her left eye and waited for her to open them. Anyone can tell that she is feeling shy towards my touch and embarrassed by this romantic environment between us.

Her nose tip has turned red like every time she is shy or embarrassed and I know if I continued doing this to her, then her ears will turn red and finally over the top she will start stammering if she will be able to speak her feelings out.

She opened her eyes but they are looking down... from my eye level. I kissed below her left ear over her neck while she faced to her right providing me more space of her beauty to explore.

I grazed over her bare neck and then to her shoulder and then back to her chin while never leaving the contact of my lips from her body.

I slide down to her throat and continued to kiss her.

Finally, I leave the touch to breathe which I had forgotten to take when I was kissing her so passionately. This time she looked at me in my eyes. Her whole face had turned red.

'Xavier, I... do...n't....'

I know she thinks I am drunk. I am definitely not. I am in my complete right senses.

Before she could try to say something to stop me, I sealed her mouth with mine. I took her upper lip in between my lips and tasted every possible inch for which I was craving.

She dropped the towel as I took her hand to put over my shoulders. I put my one hand on her lower waist and the other behind her head making my fingers to get entangled in her long silky hair.

I closed all the possible space which was resisting our bodies to feel each other. My tongue parted her lips to get the way inside her mouth to explore every small area to reach ecstasy of this kiss. This time she is helping me to get her mouth tasted. She is moving her lips and her tongue with my pace.

I didn't...




I woke up at the nuisance of my alarm. I am sweating as if I kissed her in real. I am feeling breathless just like that night.

It was not over two years ago. I need to find my Ariana at any cost. She can't leave me without answering my questions.

It's 6:00 am and a message popped up on my phone screen.

It's from Katie, my personal secretary.

"Meeting with Board of Directors at 9:30 am
Meeting with Mr. Edward Smith at 3:00 pm

Conference of product launch at 4:30 pm
Dinner with Sector-C team at 9:00 pm

I reached my office at 8:30 am.

I never want to get late at any part of my life, after the day when I got home late and found those divorce papers on our bed, my bed.

I called her phone, but it was switched off. I asked my parents and Chloe, my sister, if they knew where she went. Her wardrobe was open, only a few clothes were there.

She left without saying anything. She left me where everyone was asking, "What happened?" and I had no answer to explain anyone. She didn't go back to her home. I was unable to track her, all her email accounts and social accounts were blocked. I was ruined. She should have given me a chance to explain if I had done some mistake... but she just walked out from our marriage relationship which was just one month old.

I am not even sure if it was because of my mistakes or some other reason. At least I could have apologised if I did something insane. But for God's sake...WHAT WAS THE REASON!

No chances and no regrets. I have lost everything. Except for this money and the power of being the richest person in the world, "Xavier Williams, The Billionaire". But I don't want this.

I want my Ariana.

At sharp 9:30 am every board member were there in the conference hall. The meeting was about to expand our textile industry with the collaboration of another textiles 'SILK'. Everyone was forward to the meeting and agreed to the following meeting. As SILK has put forward their request for the collaboration with our expanded industry 'FLYSKIES', we are in great position to accept the offer as this will expand our business in the textile industry as well.

The Board Meeting ended with the decision to meet the members of SILK and look forward to this deal for sure.


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