Five Dead

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I try to turn the knob, but the door is locked. With a frustrated breath, I bring my foot back and ram it into the door. There's a pleasant crack from the wood and I smirk, bringing my foot back again and kicking it with all the force I can muster. The metal lock breaks off and the door swings open violently, hitting the inside of the room with another crack.

"Hell yeah!" Takashi says, "Nice kick, Yuki."

I chuckle a little and step inside the room.

It's the Astronomy Club's storage area. Ten or eleven telescopes of all sizes are stacked in the room along with sleeping bags and a mini refrigerator in the corner. I pay them no mind as I feel the wall on the left side, searching.

When my hands touch cold metal, I smile.

"Guys," I say, "I have an idea."

Takashi steps into the doorway and looks at me, "What kind of idea?"

I nod to the fire hose and smirk, "Remember that time in eighth grade when the firefighters came to school and I decided to see how strong the water pressure was?"

Takashi nods, chuckling, "Yeah. You ended up getting us out of school for two weeks for water damage."

"Think I can do something like that again?"

His eyes widen in understanding, "Yuki, you're a genius!"

I laugh a little, cheeks heating up as I rub my head, "I don't know about that."

There's a loud humph and Takashi and I turn to Rei, who's pouting with her arms crossed, "If you two are done flirting, I'd like to get out of here."

I clear my throat and start hooking the hose up to the water pump, handing it to Takashi, "Point it at the tables." I instruct, "The pressure is intense and it's probably going to be a little hard to control, so you might want Rei to help you. When you two are situated, tell me and I'll turn this red wheel."

He nods and carries the hose over to the barricade.

After a few minutes, I hear, "Turn it!"

I turn the wheel to the right as fast as I can. The sounds of water going every fills outside and I shake my head, smiling.

The idiot didn't listen to me.

Takashi cusses and I can hear water raining on the roof.

Quickly, I run to the doorway to see Rei standing behind Takashi, both of them trying to control the hose.

"Are you guys okay?"

"Yeah." Takashi says, holding the end of the hose in the air, successfully soaking all three of us.

He glares at Them, face hardening, "I didn't like most of you fucks then and I sure as hell don't like you now." He growls, "Eat it!"

The pressure from the water breaks the cellophane tape and causes the tables to attack Them, smashing them all the way to the bottom of the stairs and into the ground. The sound of mangle bodies and groans grow silent as each one pathetically attempts to climb the stairs, only to be beaten down by water.

"The fire hose…" Takashi starts, "Not too shabby."

I smile and walk over to the stairs behind Rei, "Thank you. I do try."

Rei and I walk down the stairs, making splashing noises with each step we take, and she takes a stand by Takashi. I stand next to her, not in the mood to start something.

"I think it should be okay now." Rei says enthusiastically.

"How I admire your optimism." He says sarcastically, causing me to chuckle. "You sure about this?"

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