Day You First Meet: Liam

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You meet him at a concert. "We have to hurry," your friend screamed in your ear as you rushed to the concert. You two had won tickets and backstage passes to meet the band from your local radio station. "I'm coming, don't worry," you said, letting her pull you into the arena. It was an exciting event and you knew you wouldn't be able to contain yourself when you arrived. Your favorite was always Liam and to see him up close made your stomach turn. The concert came to a close, and you were warm and sweaty from all of the bodies surrounding you. The concert had been even better than you ever imagined. Before you knew it security was pulling you two behind stage to meet the band and you're stomach was twisting even more. You followed security to a back room where you knew the band would be. "Hi girls," Louis said as you reached the room they were in. "Hey babe," Liam said, winking at you. "Nice to meet you two," Niall said. "What are your names?" Harry asked, looking at you guys. "I'm (Y/N) and this is (Y/F/N). Thank you so much for spending the time with us," you said, barely able to stay calm. "No problem," Liam said, looking at the rest of the boys. "I think we should bring them on the tour bus and share our pizza," he said looking at both of you. You made eye contact with him and your eyes dropped to the ground. "You don't have to do that," you said, wondering why he was being so nice to fan. You felt your friend elbowing you and looked up to see a glare. "No it will be a lot of fun," he insisted and the boys looked at him with knowing grins. "If you really insist, then yes, we would love to," you said, looking up at the boy who's voice brings warmth to your ears.

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