His REGRET (Ch. 4)

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My eyes getting wide when i was heared what he said. I was so shocked, i like him too when he was my childhood best friend. So... Why not to be his girlfriend.
You : "y-yes Tae... I'll be your girlfriend.. : )
Taehyung : ":O really?! Thank you y/n... I'm so happy. I love you... Forever and ever..."
You : " i love you too tae..."
Taehyung : "okay, now we should go, because i want to date with you today... Now.. i will call you baby and you should call me oppa everytime.... Or baby...
You : "okay oppa *gosh he is so cute*"
We went to our car and Tae oppa was driving somewhere i didn't know...
You : "by the way... Where are we going Oppa?"
Taehyung : "uhmm.. i think we would go to a big restaurant."
You : "yeah you're right. I'm so HUNGRY"
Taehyung : " Haha, so cute"
That word make me a little blushing. I beg him in my mind that he would not notice that. I am so shy.
15 munites later...
We are arrive in a big restaurant. Yass that's so big. That would be expensive menu in there.
Taehyung : "baby... Let's go"
You : "okay oppa"
We went inside the restaurant and that was so beautiful. I'm so glad to tae oppa that he can date me in here. And suddenly i saw someone familiar. It's... Jungkook. He was with that bitch Eunha. Okay y/n just ignore them and focused to your oppa. My new boyfriend. I am sit on my chair in front of Taehyung. Not take a long time, the waiters just came to us.
Waiter : "hey, can i help you? What would you order mr. And ms.?"
Taehyung : "uhmm... Can i have some burger and cola? And baby, what would you order? I'll pay it"
You : "ah really?! Okay can i have some spagetti? And milkshake?"
Waiter : "okay it will be take 30 minutes"
You and Taehyung : "okay"

Jungkook POV...
Wait is that y/n? Why is she here...? Wait! She was with Taehyung. Why are they here? I'm so confused in that time. And suddenly eunha call me.
Eunha : "babe! Where are you looking at? Pls focused on me!
Jungkook : *sighed* babe! Pls don't be very protective!
Eunha : *rolled eyes* "okay"
After that, i saw y/n and Taehyung holding hand on their table. I'm so confused. Is y/n already dating with Taehyung? No! Y/n only love me... I don't want to lose her!

Your POV

OMG is he holding my hand?! God... My heart is beating so fast. Taehyung is so romantic. Jungkook never done this before... And Taehyung is not a cold person. Taehyung has a behavior that jungkook don't have it. Suddenly, the waiters came toward us and put the food on our table. Taehyung and i eat our food. Until Taehyung call the waiters for pay all the food we've ate. And Taehyung drive me home....
Suddenly we have arrived to my house.
Taehyung : "Baby... Take care of yourself okay. And go to sleep because i don't want you to get sick and tomorrow we will go to school.
You : "okay oppa"
I am going to inside my house. Taehyung still stay outside my house until i get into my house. I was going to my bedroom and going crazy. OMG i just.. date him. I am so happy about that...
But... I don't want Taehyung just like Jungkook... I don't want another boy just like jungkook, like leave me alone like a trash. Okay Taehyung is not like that because Taehyung have a heart not like that jerk (Jungkook). And i'm not forgot about what Taehyung tell me. I am going to sleep now...


You : "No!! Don't leave me!! I don't want you like Jungkook. Pls don't leave me alone!!...

Kring... Kring...

I am wake up and startled because it was just a dream. I am so glad it was just a dream... And suddenly i have a messages from Taehyung...

 And suddenly i have a messages from Taehyung

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I was going to shower and prepare myself. Until i'm done, i'm going downstair for breakfast. Suddenly i heard some car horn outside my house. OMG it's Taehyung... I am so nervous...

To Be Continued...

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