Chapter 17: The Festival

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They continued south. Minutes faded into hours, hours faded into days. Eve lost track of time other than being sure that five nights had passed. Each day brought more sights. By the sixth travel day, crowds joined them on the road. Tents had been set up along the route, providing shelter and food for the traveling Eldar. Elves of all hair colors were present; Káno took time to point out the Vanyar, Falmari, and Noldor. It was on that sixth evening that they reached the festival grounds.

Thousands of elves meandered about. For children there were haystacks to climb and carts to ride around in. Wine stations, food stalls, and even a giant horse track for racing had been set up. A massive stable had been erected where they left their horses. Together all six elves plus their giant hound wandered around.

"Welcome to the Festival of Yavannië!" Findekáno spread his arms wide and smiled, the sun beating down on his face. He turned back to Eve. "Truly a remarkable time."

"It's so busy!" She watched in awe as laughing elves formed groups on the grass, some dancing and singing, others eating and drinking. "Where are we going?"

Tyelko pointed to an area at the edge of the crowds to the east. "To find an open spot."

They walked for another half hour before finding a spot beneath a small patch of trees. Tyelko and Moryo produced blankets from a large pack and tossed them around. Eve took a silver and purple one, laying it down near the first tree. She sat down on it, a small smile on her face. She saw the day fading and the silver of night she had begun to grow used to taking its place. Eve watched the sky sparkle with tiny white stars.

"We should go find food for dinner," Moryo said to his brothers, his arms crossed in annoyance. "I am starving."

Nelyo chuckled. "You are not starving."

"I am getting food." He stuck his nose higher in the air. "Come if you wish. I do not care." He stalked off back to where the food stalls had been set up.

"I'm gonna stay here I think," Eve told them. "I can watch Huan, if you bring me back something."

Tyelko cracked a smile. "You need to stop stealing my dog."

"Well then get me a cat." Eve smirked back at him as Huan walked and curled up behind her. She let herself fall back onto the gigantic hound. "And besides. He likes me."

"You can stay here, then. Keep our spot." Nelyo looked around at his brothers and cousin. "Anyone else staying?"

"I will keep Eve company here," Findekáno nodded. He looked at the woman and the dog. "Perhaps she will talk to me and not just dear Huan."

"Maybe I-," Eve found herself interrupted by a massive yawn. She continued after. "Maybe I will sleep."

In the end, the brothers all hurried to catch up with Moryo who picked his way around sitting and standing groups of elves. As they disappeared from view, Findekáno set about arranging their belongings. Eve stayed quiet, lying back in Huan's warm, furry body. Soon she fell asleep to the rise and fall of his breathing, her eyes closed much to the amusement of Fingon when he went to ask her something.

Once he'd finished organizing their little circle of the world, he sat back against a tree in his own blanket. He placed a hand on Huan's flank and the dog gave a small wag of his tail.

"She is an enigma, Huan," Findekáno murmured. When the dog's tail wagged slightly faster, he chuckled. "It seems you agree with me."

About an hour later, with silver darkness fully fallen, saw the return of the sons of Fëanáro. Seven other elves followed them: Turukáno, Elenwë, Iríssë, Findaráto, Artanis, and two other golden haired elves. Findekáno set his book down and looked at them in surprise.

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