Part 4

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Jo's P.O.V

I walk into the house still upset about What happened at my sister's house "Jo!" Cass is standing there looking pissed "Yea...?" she walks closer to me and looks me in the eye "Why?" she asks "Why what?"

"Why do you want to kill yourself!?" I freeze "Jo lift up your sleeves" I do Nothing so she grabs my arm and pulls up the sleeve. I close my eyes but Nothing happens.

I hear a sob and open my eye's to find Cass crying "Cass please don't cry" I pull her into my arms and as I do I see her arm. also littered in cuts. I feel myself tear up as well " cut too" she looks at me "but I don't want you to feel that pain! I don't want you to regret it later in life like me"

I feel so guilty and horrible. I'm making her cry. the only person there for me and I'm making her cry "I found your stuff. it's in through trash" she says with an emotion I can't read. "Jo, I'll stop. but you have to stop too" I think about the deal.

"for me?" she says and I give in "fine" she smiles and hugs me. she pulls away and looks me in the eyes. she smirks and walks away from me. well then....."Cass?" she grabs something and turns to me "hmm?" I stay quiet not knowing What to say.

"do you....uh...happen to....ya know....uhm....never mind" I feel myself blushing and she laughs "come on ask me or tell me whatever you were going to" I shake my head and walk to our bed and lay down. minutes later I feel someone else lay down

"Jo, What's wrong?" Cass looks over at me "my sister.......she....." I stop myself before tears come "she What?" I take a deep breath "told me to kill myself today" I blurt out "What!?" Cass stands up and grabs her shoes "what are you doing!"

"teaching her a lesson!" she falls over trying to put her shoes on "you don't even know where she lives!" she grabs my hand and pulls me up "That's Why you're coming with"

Ugh my chapters are so short. so uh my friend has a girlfriend and I literally spent 2 minutes going "aww" I just love gay couples....Oops. meeting my aunt treasure and uncle Dean tomorrow. I had a weird conversation with Em. and the same friend who has a girlfriend is moving near where my dad used to work. my aunt Nick is staying with her girlfriend justean for a bit and I miss her. so That's my life. sorry for boring you. Baiii ❤~Daneh

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