Twin Direction

Chapter Nine


          Mason and I were officially dating. Had been for a week now. And now, Niall and I were as far apart as could be.

“I’m a shamrock!” Louis shouts from somewhere in the house and I laugh. He was one odd boy.

“Charlie bit me!” Harry yells and I laugh again, making my way into the kitchen which had both boys sitting on the counter, attempting to bake something.

“What are you trying to make, boys?” I laugh out and they raise their eyebrows.

“Cookies.” Louis mumbles, dropping a green dot of food dye in the mixture.

“Why are they going green?” I ask, looking at the bowl.

“BECAUSE THEY’RE SHAMROCKS!” Niall yells from somewhere in the house. Oh, boy, these boys are as weird as they come.

“WHY ARE THEY SHAMROCKS?” I yell to Niall.

“BECAUSE I WANT THEM TO BE!” He shouts back and I wiggle my eyebrows.

“I WANT A SHAMROCK!” Zayn shouts from somewhere.

“ENOUGH SHOUTING!” Holla yells, making her way downstairs. “I’m getting a headache.”

“Same.” I laugh, sitting on the counter next to Louis. Poking the mixture, we all laugh.

“Bailey, LA, Sasha and Mad are on their way over.” Holla smiles and I gasp. Oh crap.

“NO!” I yell, running around in circles and falling over. They could not meet One Direction! No, no, no!

“What’s wrong with you?” Liam asks, looking down at me.

“MY FRIENDS, WHO ARE IN LOVE WITH YOU, ARE COMING OVER!” I scream at the top of my lungs, jumping up and running to the living room where I find Zayn and Niall. I jump on Niall, landing on his stomach.

“What are you doing?” Irish accent Niall asks, poking my back.

“Protecting you from my evil friends.” Replying simply, I look at him.

“What about me?” Zayn gasps.

“You’re too ugly.” I laugh and he just stares at me. I hear voices and groan.

“Your boyfriend is going to be mad if you don’t get off.” Niall mumbles, pushing me off of him. I fall to the ground with a thud. Jumping up, I run off and into the kitchen. LA, Mad, Sasha and Bailey stand in front of me, wide eyed. I must look horrible.

“Why is there flour in your hair?” LA asks, poking my hair. I shoot an evil look at Harry and Louis who smirk.

“I’M A BAKER THAT’S WHY!” I shout at them as Niall and Zayn make their way into the room. LA looks like she is going to faint at the sight of Zayn.

“Hi,” She stutters and Zayn smirks. Liam comes back into the room; I really don’t know where he was. Harry and Louis just look at the girls weirdly.

“Oh boy.” I groan, looking at the girls. Sasha’s eyes wander to Niall but I shoot her a look and she looks at the ground instead.

“Mason is on his way over.” Mad says simply and I groan, hopping onto the counter. I get pulled onto Louis’ lap and he smirks.

“Does he know about our relationship?” Louis asks, looking extremely serious.

“Uh, your relationship! She’s with me!” Niall shouts, picking me up bridle style.

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