Twin Direction

Chapter Eight


(Kelsey’s POV)


          Looking at myself in the full length mirror again, I groaned. I was in shorts with an off the shoulder tank top. I didn’t look good but it would have to do. Skipping to the boys they all smiled.

“Let’s go. I’m hungry.” Niall grumbled, walking out the door.

“YOUR’E ALWAYS HUNGRY!” Liam yelled after him, running out the door. We all followed and got into my mom’s van.

“So is this guy nice?” Harry asked and Niall groaned.

“Yes, he is.” I laughed, eyeing the two younger boys. “Why do you ask?”

“Because he is going out with my sister. I kind of need to know who he is. Don’t drink your drink if you leave it alone. Drink water, nothing else. Do not drink alcohol.” Harry rambled on, making us all laugh as we neared town.

“You’re beginning to sound like me.” Liam smiled, punching the curly boy playfully.

“You’re begging to sound like me.” Harry mimicked and we all laughed, except Niall. Who was extremely gloomy, and I don’t know why.

“We’re here.” Louis smiled, looking at us. We all piled out and went to go inside. The place was busy, but it was older people thankfully.

“Hey Kelsey!” Someone yelled and I recognized the voice. He had a hint of an Australian accent, living in Australia for three years while growing up. he was tall and big built, extremely tan. He was my best friend.

“Mason Southern.” I laughed, hugging him tight. He looked at the rest of our group, raising his eyebrows. I blushed as Niall just shook his head repeatedly.

“This is my group. You know Holla, my twin. Then there is my step sister, Gemma.” I mumbled, pointing to the older girl. “Then my step brother, Harry.” I pointed to everyone individually. “The straightened hair brunette one is Liam. The one with the wind blown hair is Louis. The punk looking one is Zayn. And the last one is Irish bestie, Niall.”

“You’re One Direction, aren’t you?” Mason asked, raising his eyebrows and wrapping his arm around my waist. He looked the boys over closely.

 “Yes.” Niall growled, giving Mason a dirty look. What is his problem?

“How do you know?” Gemma snorted, laughing like he actually listened to them. I rolled my eyes and she winked at me.

“My sisters listen to them all the time. Their rooms are full of posters too. They love you.” Mason laughed and I nodded. Jessica and Sarah were obsessed with them.

“Oh. Tell them we love them too.” Harry smiled, looking at Niall. Liam and Zayn were whispering something to him but I couldn’t tell what it was.

“So, let’s eat.” Mason laughed, breaking the awkwardness.

“I’m hungry.” I smiled as the boy followed the waiter.

“You’re beginning to sound like Niall.” Louis laughed and I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Because that’s attracting.” Zayn smirked and I rolled my eyes at him playfully.

“What do you guys want to drink?” The waiter asked. He was pretty good looking, in his twenties.

“Water.” We all chorused and Harry and Liam winked at me, making me laugh quietly to myself.

“Alright, that’s going to be hard to remember.” The waiter joked and Gemma laughed. I looked at his name tag, noticing his name was Joey.

“Why don’t you guys tell Mason some more about you?” I offered, trying to make it not awkward.

“I’ll go first. I’m Gemma Styles. Harry’s awesome, adorable, smart, older sister. I’m also Holla and Kelsey’s funny, amazing, single, beautiful step sister! Uh, well, I can be fun to be around.” Gemma explained, winking at Mason and making everyone laugh.

“I’m Harry Styles. I’m Gemma’s talented, hot, sexy, model-like, singer, younger brother. I’m also Holla and Kelsey’s favorite step brother. I’m part of One Direction. I’m single and I live with my best friend, Louis. We have a bromance called Larry Stylinson that all the fans are set on believing that it’s true. And you can call me Hazza or Haz.” Harry rambled, hugging me tight. He was next to me on one side while Mason was on the other. Next to Mason was Holla.

          Across from Harry was Louis. Across from me was Gemma. Across from Mason was Niall. Across from Holla was Zayn. Liam sat at the bottom/right end of the table by himself.

“Well, I’m Liam Payne. I am part of One Direction. I’m Kelsey’s sexy best friend. I’m afraid of spoons. I’m single and I love to sing. I live by myself, even though I wish I didn’t. I have become good friend with Holla and Kelsey’s little brother Xavier. I have a bromance, I guess, with Niall called Niam. It’s not true. My nickname is Daddy Direction. Oh, and I only have one kidney because when I was born I was clinically dead.” Liam smiled, taking a drink of his water.

“I’m Louis Tomlinson. I am part of One Direction, evidently. I’m Kelsey’s gorgeous best friend. I am addicted to carrots. I like girls who eat carrots. And I like girls who have Lamborghinis. My nickname is Boo Bear because that’s what Harry calls me. I have a bromance with Harry, Larry Stylinson. I live with Haz too.” Louis smirked as the waiter came back to order. We ordered the unlimited soup, salad and breadstick thing and started eating while talking.

“I’m Zayn Malik. I’m the quiet one. I’m Kelsey’s mysterious best friend. I’m part of One Direction. I have a lot of tattoos. My nickname is Bradford Bad Boy. I live by myself. I have a bromance or whatever you call it with mirrors. Because I am extremely vain, or so I’ve been told. The bromance thing is called Zirror.” Zayn rambled, taking a bite of salad.

“Your turn Niall.” Gemma spoke up after it had been quiet for a while.

“I’m Niall Horan. If you didn’t know I was part of One Direction, you’re stupid. I’m Irish.” Niall groaned, eating a breadstick.

“Well, I can tell you guys about me now.” Mason smiled, handing me a breadstick.

“Since we know nothing about you.” Liam laughed, taking another drink of water.

“Oh joy.” Muttered Niall, looking at his food.

“Well, I’m Mason Southern. Ive been friends with Kelsey and Holla for a while now. I live on a farm with my parents. I ride horses and do roping. I have a Great Dane, his name is King. Kelsey got him for me a year ago for my birthday. I used to play football in school. I was born in Australia.” Mason mumbled as we finished eating. It had been a longer night than I wanted. Not as fun either.

“Why does everyone like guys with accents? Mason has an Australian accent. Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry all have British accents. Well, Zayn’s is just weird. Niall has an Irish accent!” Gemma chirped and earning a punch in the arm by Zayn. “Ow.”

“Accents are hot.” I smirked, looking at all the boys.

“Well, you guys have American accents.” Harry cut in, eyeing Holla and I.

“How are our accents American? We don’t even have accents.” Holla sighed and I nodded, agreeing. It was true, we didn’t have accents. At all.

“They’re different.” Louis smiled, nodding a lot.

“No they aren’t!” I defended my accent. We didn’t have accents! Ugh, we don’t.

“Yes you do! You guys have slang. You guys don’t sound like us!” Zayn defended himself.

“Whatever you feel floats your boat, Zayney-boy. Even though this is coming from Mr. We Don’t Know What Your Accent Is Malik.” Holla smirked and we high fived each other. Awesome comeback, my swagger twin! Yep, I just called Holla my swagger twin. That’s not weird or anything. Nope, not at all.

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