Twin Direction

Chapter Seven


A/N; Horses in this next chapter are real. Please do not use their backgrounds and names. Right now in this chapter it’s Elway, Mocha, Mango and Abby. There are my real horses.

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(Kelsey’s POV)

“Wake up, Kelsey, wake up!” Xavier groaned, bouncing up and down, poking me. Niall groaned behind me, tightening his grip on me.

“Shut up, Xavier. It’s not even light out.” I mumbled, trying to fall back asleep.

“Sissy, it’s nine.” He complained, making me jump out of the bed. Niall made a big thud, falling out of bed. I laughed at this as he rubbed his head.

“Hey, morning Nialler.” I laughed, leaning down to look him in the eyes. He stretched out, smiling. Liam coughed and I looked at him to see everyone awake except Zayn.

“Zayn, wake up!” Louis shouted at the top of his lungs, hitting him hard on the head. I snorted, grabbing a jacket out of my closet. The boys finally woke up Zayn and we all trudged out to the barn to feed.

          The barn was full of stomping and snorting horses. All were hungry and ready to eat. They boys looked around; acting like the horses would run out and attack them. I laughed at this and so did Holla.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?” Zayn shouted, screaming like a little girl. A black furry thing put its front paws on his chest. I laughed and all eyes were on me.

“Calm down, it’s my dog. It’s a Black Russian Terrie. His name is Danger.” I explained, snapping my fingers and the dog was at my side in an instant. I had him three years and he was absolutely awesome.

“Danger, you named your dog Danger.” Harry mumbled and I laughed, going to the feed room.

“Is it your only dog?” Niall asked, petting Danger.

“Nope,” I smiled, popping the ‘p’. We had tons of dogs; my mother had a soft spot for animals.

“How many do you have?” Louis snorted, watching me get buckets.

“A lot,” I sighed, filling the buckets with feed and handing them to everyone. We would have to feed our own horses in the barn before going out to the lean-tos. Danger trotted beside me as I fed the horses.

“I’m done, time to go back to bed.” Harry sighed, leaning against a stall.

“You’re not done. We have four lean-tos.” I laughed, slapping my thigh and jogging outside. Everyone followed behind me, extremely tired. Danger was right at my side.

          The first couple was easy. Each only had four horses. They weren’t stable horses. They were rescues. The last lean-to was the one with my other four horses.

“Those are yours?” Zayn asked, looking at the four horses grazing in the small pasture.

“Ya, two rescues. One show horse, one trail horse.” I laughed, entering the same barn.

“You guys can come out and pet these guys. They’re nice, we promise.” Holla informed the boys and Gemma. So they did, making me smile. They all gathered around the pony.

“He’s so cute! He must be harmless!” Liam cooed, rubbing the horse’s back.

“That’s Elway.” I laughed and Holla smirked.

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