Twin Direction

Chapter Six


(Kelsey’s POV)

“SPEED CLASSES ARE NEXT IN THIS ORDER! POLES, BARRELS, FLAGS.” The intercom boomed and I looked at Mad.

“Good luck, break a leg; whatever you’re supposed to say, do it.” Mad laughed, tossing her hair out of her eyes and rubbing Shawty’s neck.

“Ha, thanks.” I laughed, looking over in the bleachers and not seeing One Direction.

“For poles in the first class it will be this order; Champagne and Leslie, Money and Josie, Shady and Holla, Solo and Jesse, Rider and Mary, Big Red and Monroe and last but not least, Shawty and Kelsey!” The intercom blared and Shawty danced around, hearing his name.

“Hey,” A couple people chorused. Holla came around the trailer as the boys and Gemma made their way over. Louis, Harry, and Zayn looked intently at the arena that was now getting poles put into it. Liam and Niall were smiling at me as Gemma was talking to Mad.

“Hey guys.” I smiled, climbing up onto Shawty. He danced some more and I slapped his butt, making him instantly stop.

“Well, I’m up. Wish me luck.” Holla smiled before kicking Shady into a trot over to the gate. She always waited there till it was her turn. Shawty wanted to follow but I wouldn’t let him.

          For speed events that weren’t jackpot, our age group was the most competitive. We all had good horses to top it off. Our age division was thirteen to twenty. Everyone in it was like ‘Oh, my horse is the best.’ ‘No, my horse is the best!’ kind of attitude.

          Shady and Holla raced into the arena, taking off down the pole line. Shady turned to wide, almost knocking down the second pole in the pattern. They made it through and went to go back. Shady turned to wide again though and kicked the pole over. Running home, Shady bucked.

“Is the horse supposed to do that?” Harry asked, giving me a look. I shook my head and he sighed, walking over to the boys who were leaning against the fence. Holla got a time of thirty. Defiantly not her best.

“You watch this all the time?” Niall asked, looking at me. I nodded and he shook his head.

“Poles is boring, barrels is more fun.” I assured him. Holla went off and pouted, probably running Shady.

“Your turn.” Mad mumbled. I kicked Shawty and clicked and off he went. The gate opened and he knew his cue. Flying off, I whooped to him, making him go faster.

          Automatic speed horse, Shawty was. He sped through them; every time I needed him to turn I squeezed my legs. When we had to go home, I gave him a quick kick and off he went. I pulled him to a stop and he danced around.

“Well, Shawty and Kelsey got fifteen.” The audience went crazy. Shawty loved it, dancing around some more. We were going to use him for dressage. But, his speed is a lot more fun.

“Congratulations.” Niall greeted us as Shawty danced out of the arena. The horse was hyped up and I laughed, patting his neck.

“Thanks.” I smiled, leaning down and looking him in the eyes. I kissed his cheek before sliding off.

“You did lovely.” “You beat everyone by a lot!” “You guys are perfect together!” Everyone chorused and I laughed, thanking everyone individually.

          I gave Shawty water before the next event. I knew he was going to be hyper and I was thinking about scratching flags. I still had jackpot for the other two speed events. Sometimes they had plugs but they didn’t today.

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