Twin Direction

Chapter Five


(Holla’s POV)

          I knew my sister was with One Direction. I should’ve been there last night, this morning. But, I wasn’t. I was giving horses baths. Horses that weren’t mine.

          There was an English show today at our barn. So, I had to clean ALL of the barns by myself. I loved Kelsey, but seriously? She was out having fun when she should be here.

          I knew one thing for sure though. Kelsey was going to be good friends with One Direction. And, big shock, I wasn’t. Kelsey was probably going to make sure of that.

(Kelsey’s POV)

          The smell of food woke me up. Zayn was still asleep, curled in a ball. Niall wasn’t there though. I heard voices in the kitchen and quickly fixed my hair before going into the kitchen.

“Morning, Kelsey.” Gemma greeted me, throwing her arms around me.

“Morning, love.” Liam smiled, going back to eating his breakfast. Niall didn’t look up though, stuffing food in his mouth. What a pig, just like every other boy I guess.

“Morning,” Louis and Harry chorused.

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“Oh, Niall, your so rude.” Harry groaned, hitting the blonde with his hand. And he just called Niall rude!

Niall looked at us before responding quietly. “You just called me rude, than you hit me. I’m eating; do not touch me when I’m eating.”

“Did I ever he has problems? Because I think this may be the right time.” Louis laughed, poking the Irish boy.

“Did you sleep well?” Liam piped in, putting his plate in the sink.

“Ya, pretty comfy.” I smiled, sitting on the bar stool next to Louis and across from Liam. I was against the wall, so no one was to my left. Liam leaned back in his chair, against the fridge.

“Niall can be extremely comfy. I don’t know why though. He doesn’t have much fat on him.” Louis joked, pinching Niall’s stomach. Niall groaned, putting his plate in the sink after he found out there was no more food left.

          I went to take a shower, putting my iPod on Shuffle. I Wish came on and I sang along, taking a shower.

“BUT I SEE YOU, WITH HIM, SLOW DANCING!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“OH, HOW I WISH THAT WAS ME!” Someone yelled. I rolled my eyes, Harry.

“If only time could just turn back. Cause I’ve got three little words that I’m dying to tell you.” Niall sang, entering the bathroom as I wrapped a towel around me.

“Oh, how I wish that was me.” Niall whispered, kissing me softly.

“Cause I SEE YOU!” Louis screamed, opening the door and wiggling his eyebrows.

“There is no privacy in this house.” Niall laughed, looking me over. I just got kissed by THE Niall Horan. Well, this was awkward.

          I tightened my towel before making him leave. Gemma gave me a pair of shorts and a tank top to wear earlier and I slipped them on. Doing my hair, the door flew open and the boys started singing ‘Call Me Maybe’ by that one girl. I never took the time to remember her name. I knew her first name was Carly though! I think well, I hope so.

“They’re a little hyped up this morning.” Gemma laughed, slapping Liam’s ass and making him jump. Liam skipped away, the rest of the boys following. I heard Zayn groan from the living room and laughed. I guess he was getting waked up by the happy crew!

          We were all awake, dancing around the living room to my iPod.

“ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD!” Harry screamed at his part, making us all laugh. He looked funny when he sang. I just noticed that.

“Kelsey your phone is ringing!” Zayn yelled at me, throwing me the phone. Liam turned the music off and they all sat on the couch, watching me.

“Put it on speaker!” Gemma whispered and so I did.

“Where the fuck are you Kelsey.” My twin’s voice came through the phone. Liam laughed and I heard Holla groan.

“At One Direction’s hotel.” I snorted. “Where else would I be?”

“A boy’s house, at an illegal party, at a rock and roll concert, a boy’s house.” She listed off and I rolled my eyes. I sat down on the couch and Louis sat next to me.

“I don’t do illegal stuff. Do you want to come over or something? I know you want something.” I snorted, messing with Louis’ hair. My sister really didn’t think highly of me a lot. I knew the reason though. Her boyfriend had broken up with her. A couple days after I broke up with mine. Except, my ex didn’t ask out Holla. Holla’s ex asked out me.

“Sure,” Holla mumbled and hung up.

“She sounds lovely.” Liam said sarcastically, looking at Harry and Gemma. I think everyone was scared to meet her.

“She isn’t always like that. She is just troubled. He boyfriend broke up with her and asked me out. So, she’s going to have a cold shoulder to me.” I mumbled, putting my head on Louis’ shoulder.

Harry thought about this and finally spoke up. “She looked fine with you the other night.”

“Acting, she’s great at it. How she was acting with our parents happens a lot too. She is like that at school too. She totally looks down on me though because I’m athletic, not smart.” I snorted, knowing the smart win was going to show up soon. I loved my sister a lot but we fought a lot. We are totally opposites 99% of the time.

          The other 1% of the time was when we were on horses. Barrel racing was something we were extremely competitive against each other. I was the one who pushed myself more than the horse. She was the one who pushed her horse more than herself.

          She didn’t believe in the training I did. I didn’t believe in the training she did. We wouldn’t ride each other horses. I didn’t care though; Shady is an extreme brat.

“Hola, I’m Holla.” Holla strolled in and all the boys’ jaws dropped except for Harry’s. Well, that was because he was looking at her ass. Oh, and I’m the skank.

“Hi,” Niall mumbled, shell shocked. I rolled my eyes, giving Gemma a look. Gemma rolled her eyes too and we snorted.

“Hey Kelsey.” Holla smiled and I rolled my eyes. My sister was in short shorts, which I figured out when she pulled her shirt up some, also exposing her stomach. She wore a tight white tank top and a black jacket.

“Sup Holla?” I said casually, giving her a dirty look. She smirked, looking Louis over.

“Your hot.” Holla told Louis bluntly.

“Uh, thanks.” Louis mumbled and Holla pulled him to the kitchen.

“And you thought I was Harry’s playmate!” I scoffed as Niall put his arm around me. He was a little bit taller than me, but not much.

          They all exchanged strange looks. My sister was never like this. I really don’t know why she is acting out this much except for her break up. I wasn’t even this weird.

“We’ve got to go, Holla.” I snapped at my sister who was all over Niall and Louis. She was pissing me off extremely.

“Fine.” She snapped back, getting up.

“Can we come over tonight?” Harry asked, looking at the boys who all nodded in agreement. I nodded, leaving the hotel and running to my car. This was going to be an eventful night.

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