The Tears.

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It had been over three weeks since Loki had been here. He slowly lost hope in being found by his brother. He liked the wolves, but he needed his brother.

It sounds ridiculous and un-loki but Loki wanted to feel loved by his brother. He wanted Thor to find him. He wanted Thor to show up and hug him tight. He wanted to tell Thor off and call him names.

Loki shook the thoughts away as his name was called. Yuki came running in.

"Mother is collecting wood! She needs your help," The white puppy yipped. Loki got up on his tall legs and walked out the cave. He saw Hikaru and Kaoru play fighting in the snow whilst Eugene sat by his mother. He had quickly realised that Hikaru and Kaoru were always seen together. Wherever one was you could guarantee the other one follows. Yuki was always independant and would be alone or trying to make order. She was also very smart. Eugene was always stuck by his mother's hip. Never leaving her side unless forced too. The God sometimes became confused on who was looking out for who.

"You called?" Loki walked to the left side of the mother.

"I need help getting these inside. I have to cook your meat." She stated.

In the time Loki stayed with them, he learned new things. He learnt what berries to eat and how to survive in the cold climates. His shoulder length hair grew a few inches past his shoulders and his nails had grown a little longer. His Asgard outfit had tears and rips in them but they stayed clean by daily washes in the clean river.

Loki pulled up the logs and they headed inside. Loki starting a fire as the pups and him got warm.

Green eyes eyed the entrance where the mother wolf stood glaring into the snowy lands. The corner of her mouth lifted slightly giving off a glimps of pearly white teeth.

"Sara?" He called.

"Yes?" Her blue eyes locked onto green

"Is something wrong?" He asked


"Nothing," She turned and faced a boulder that lay aimlessly on the ground.

She went behind it and pushed. The giant boulder sealed the entrance of the cave.

"The cold is going to be harsh for a few days. It's best we stay warm. We have enough food and warmth to last us up to a week at most." She layed down, her giant body surrounding her cubs, which were sleeping, "What is wrong?" She asked.

"Why do you care?" He asked "My own brother has not searched for me." Loki sighed. " i am not worth your time...o-or anyone elses," Tears threatened to fall.

"I care. We are--"

"You're not my mum. You're not my family!" He looked towards the wolf, tears streaming freely from his face

 You're not my family!" He looked towards the wolf, tears streaming freely from his face

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Sarafina motioned to the bed of animal fur. Loki walked towards it and layed with the pups, Sarafina's full body surrounding him. He felt the comforting fur on his cheek and the cold tongue of his saviour on his forehead. He unconsciously leaned into the warmth. He smiled slightly, closing his eyes and relaxing his muscles.

"I don't care about what your blood're my cub." Sara declared.

Just as Loki's eyes were closing he whispered the first thing that rolled of his tongue.


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