Chapter three: Pegase and the disappearance of the archangel Gabrielle

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The Diary of an Angel

Chapter three: Pegase and the disappearance of the archangel Gabrielle

A Tuesday in February 2010

Today was a very exhausting day with a lot of work that had to be done. But it was also a very amusing day, because today I had riding (horseback) lessons. Of course Pegase isn't a normal horse, he's a fantastic horse -with wings to top it all.

So Pegase and I, the two of us together, that's just crazy. That of course is something that our teacher, one of the cherubim rank, doesn't like in the least. Afterwards we left together to search Karvain on earth. But we couldn't fiend her anywhere. It was like she had disappeared. Worried like hell I contacted Arinis to ask her help only to fiend out that Karvain was safely in heaven with Arinis.

It was a litle moment of great panic, something to laugh with afterwards, when you fiend out that everything is still fine.

Well for now that was, but that's a story for later.


A Tursday inFebruary 2010

Today was a busy day, a workday! On earth it has snowed the hole day -smile. Snow's the nightmare of all the guardian angels, it's a very amusing sight for us. You see the guardian angels have to make sure that their human doesn't get hit by a snowball. Most of the time they end up being hit by the snowball themselves. It' the most amusing thing you can see on days like these. Certainly the demons fiend it amusing there they're the ones who throw the snowballs.

So after my work I went to search Gabrielle, but I couldn't fiend him anywhere. Because I was worried I took Pegase to continue my search on earth. But even after searching for hours and still not finding anything I had to return to heaven.

I hope that he'll be okay, because otherwise I'll feel responsible for his missbeing. In the end it was me who asked him to help Arinis with her terrible dreams. Knowing that it was probably dangerous.

But Gabrielle is an Archangel, so that means that he is way stronger than us, normal angels. Still, in my heart I feel worried. The fact that power of angels depends on the belief we and you mortals have in them, makes me belief that everything is fine ad that Gabrielle is okay.

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