Ben Drowned

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Ben was just your average kid who loved videogames, Legend of Zelda mor specifically. His dad was a heavy drinker but it was never a real problem. When ben got Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask he was so excited, he had wanted this game for a over a month now. As soon as he got it he rushed to his room and put it in his N64, he played it all night. He loved to be alone in his room, he did not have many friends but he did have many bullies. As hr got further into the game he began to play it more, more than he should have. His dad was getting concerned about the time his son was spending on that game of his. He had made lots of plans for cool places the could go, but the plans never got carried out. Days went by and ben was gettin further into his game, to the final dungeon and more importantly the final boss. Yet in a way he didn't want to beat the game because his fun would end and he would go back to being the depressed little kid he was before. Although he knew that he could replay the game but it wouldent be the same, Its never the same the second time you play it. All the wonder and difficulty it had the first time would be gone. Ben got to the stone tower temple on the final day, he then saved the game and went to bed.
The next day his dad had a suprise that Ben would probably like. They were going to a local lake that usually had no people there. Ben did not get the coice to stay home, if he had stayed home her would have beaten the game. He would have lived. Almost as soon as they got to the lake his dad pulled out some beer. Ben hated it when his dad drank but he always found away to deal with it. He sat on the until the heat finnaly got to him. Ben ran and jumped into the wat refreshing water, but he splashed his now drunk dad which was a horrible mistake. Bens dad stood up clearly angry. "YOU SHOULDN'T OF DONE THAT!" he yelled. He began to chase after ben, he grabed him and slammed him in the water. Ben was not going without a fight, He quickly grabed his dads arm and twisted it making him let go. Ben bursted to the surface gasping for air, he bagan to swim farther into the lake till the water was deep enough to go over his head. Suddenly something blunt hit him in the head. He started sinking to the bottom of the lake, Somehow a shattering beer bottle to the head paralyzed him. Everything began to fade into darkness. But before it did the happymask salesman popped into his head saying the familiar words "You've met with a terrible fate havent you Ben?" Thats when everything went dark and he ran out of breath.

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