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"Jin, hurry up," Hoseok called from down the stairs.

"I'm coming," Jin called back.

"Let's wait in the car, Kook," Taehyung said and led Jungkook outside the house.

"Jin!" Hoseok called his boyfriend's name again.

They had all been ready for about 20 minuted now, even Jin had brought down his luggage. He had asked to go to the restroom and has been there for a while now.

"Jin!" Hoseok didn't wait for his response and went to check on him. "What is taking you so long?" Hoseok asked as be walked into the room, Jin wasn't there but the door to the bathroom was ajar.

Hoseok walked into the bathroom and found Jin by the sink, he was hunched over the faucet, supporting himself with his hands.

"Baby," Hoseok called. "Why are you there like that?"

It was at this point that Hoseok heard Jin's sniffs. He was crying.

"Jin," Hoseok walked over to him and placed a hand on his back. "Why are you crying? Are you okay? Did something happen?"

Jin was quiet for a while, no sound coming from him until he finally spoke. He didn't move from his slouched position. "I can't."

"You can't? You can't what, baby?"

"Travel," Jin said. "I can't travel with you anymore."


Jin shook his head. "I... I.. I ca- I uh.."

"You what? Please look at me," Hoseok demanded softly but Jin didn't budge.

Hoseok ran a hand through his hair. "Please, talk to me, Jin. What is it? Why can't you travel?"

"It's not that I can't. It's just that- I can't, okay? I just can't travel," Jin said, not making any sense.

"But why? Why the sudden change of mind, my love. We already agreed. Your bags are in the trunk of your car. You're all dressed up. So what happened?"

Jin ignored him.


Jin remained silent.

"Don't I deserve to know?"

His silence grew quieter if possible and Hoseok was already loosing it.

"Kim Seokjin, fucking talk to me!"

"Just go," Jin spoke.


"I asked you to go! Go without me! Go to Spain with Jungkook and Taehyung!"

"I should go without you?"

"Yes, go. I'm not going," jin sniffed. "At least, not today," He finally brought his head up.

Hoseok stared back at him from the mirror.

"Did I do something, Jin?" Hoseok's voice was shaky. "Are you going to start now? You've been acting weird since I go back."

Jin blinked.

"Come with me, please."

"Don't wait for me," Jin said as he gave Hoseok me last glance and walked away.

Hoseok remained in his position, not moving an inch, eyes still fixed n the mirror that had earlier held Jin's reflection.


"Aish," Yoongi groaned, glaring at Jin who was sat beside him at the bar.

Jin held his shot of vodka in both hands, his eyes looking intently at the short glass, the smell of smoke, cheap perfume and sweat filled the air.

"Are you out of your mind?"

"I couldn't leave."


"I feel like I have unfinished business here. Like something's waiting for me."

"Yeah right, detective Kim!" Yoongi glared at him. "Why would you do that to Hoseok? He's probably confused as hell."

"And don't wait for me," Yoongi said repeating what Jin said he had told Hoseok. "Are you loosing your mind? It sounded like you were breaking up with Hoseok."

Jin stayed quiet. Deep down, guilt ate his soul. Maybe he had been harsher on Hoseok than he should have been. He should have calmly explained his reasons.

"Or was that it? You were breaking up with Hoseok?"

"No, of course not," Jin shook his head. "My head is just..ugh! I'm not thinking straight these days, Yoongi. I would go to Hoseok but that would be after Tina's funeral."

"Is that really why you stayed behind? Tina's funeral."

"For some reasons I don't know, I feel like I owe it to her."

"You don't owe her anything. If you wanna go for Tina's funeral, do it because you want to and not because you feel indebted. Why would you feel that? You didn't kill her."

"I know I didn't. I just-" Jin pasted and rubbed his face down. "I need to see a therapist, Yoongi. I'm going crazy."

Yoongi downed his vodka in one gulp and gave I to the bartender to refill. "You'll be fine. Don't worry."

Jin groaned and placed his head on the counter while Yoongi shook his head and brought his newly filled glass to his lips.

He'd been in the club just trying to get around like he always did every Tuesday, that was until he got a call from a crying Jin. He hadn't been surprised tho. Lately, emotions have been put in gear a lot.

Sighing, he let the content of his glass slip into his mouth slowly, stinging his lips and mouth. That was a good feeling, Yoongi thought as his eyes scanned the area watching girls grind on guys or girls grind on each other. A few girls sent him winks from the dance floor which he teasingly reciprocated before looking away.

As his eyes swept across the crowd and back to Jin, Yoongi couldn't help but look back into the crowd. His eyes moved from a particular black haired guy and back to Jin, then from Jin back to the person, as he let his eyes linger on the dude.

Yoongi felt his grip tighten on his glass as he glared at the guy who was standing at the secluded area of the club his eyes fixed on Jin's back, unblinkingly.

"What the hell..."


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