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Jin walked out of the rest room, he felt himself getting drunk so he decided to call it a night and head out, but when he went back to the bar, Yoongi was passed out on the table.

Jin rushed over to pick his friend.

"Yoongi," Jin shook him slightly. "Suga, wake up."

Yoongi was heavy but Jin managed to carry him outside of the stuffy club.

"Yah, pabo, how can you get drunk just after 3 shots of vodka?" Jin was a little puzzled, as everyone knew Yoongi to be one to hold his liquor.

Jin almost tripped as he walked to the side of the road. He too was a little drunk plus Yoongi weighed more than he looked. "Ah, one would see you and think you don't weigh a thing but you're as heavy as fuck."

He put up his hand and flagged down a taxi. As the taxi pulled over Jin opened the back door and gently put Yoongi in.

He gave Yoongi's address to the driver and asked for the fare price before paying him.

"Take him straight home, okay?" Jin said to the man. "And don't try to steal from him, okay? I know your plate number, I'll call the cops!"

"Whatever!" The man flipped him off.

"Yah, that's disrespectful!" Jin yelled as the man drove off. "Drive safe!! I'll call you later, Suga!"

Jin staggered as he tried to walk away from the road. He immediately regretted drinking so much because he was starting to see double.

He tried flagging down another taxi for himself, but it wasn't easy for him to do that as he couldn't quite make out well taxis from casual cars.

10 minutes later, sat on the side walks, a cab stopped before Jin and without asking if it was his, Jin opened the door and collapsed on the back sit.


Just as the cab moved, Yoongi sat up from his laying position. He had never thought himself to be an actor but for what he had acted just minutes ago, he'd give himself credits really.

"Mr," Yoongi called the cab driver.

The man gasped and looked through the rear mirror. "I thought you were unconscious. Are you okay?"

"Yes," Yoongi replied. "Can you pull over here? I have something to check."

"Here?" The man asked. They hadn't even gone a good distance from where he had picked him up.

"Yes, here," Yoongi repeated as the man obeyed, and pulled to the side.

He got out his phone and opened his tracker app, a green light showing the location of Jin's phone appeared on the screen.

Jin was still at the club. Yoongi relaxed against the chair.

"Ahjusshi, are you in a hurry tonight? We might take a while," Yoongi said to the man.

He knew something was wrong somewhere, and he was going to find out.


The cab pulled into the garage and the young man sighed in relief, finally the time had come.

He turned off the engine and got down the car, then went around the other side to open the back door.

Oh, what a beauty!

Even in his drunk, unconscious state, he was still a sight to behold.

"I can't wait to make you mine, baby," His captor had thought joyously, as he carried him out of the car and down into the basement.

He had prepared for this day, for so long, so the place was in order for what he intended.

first, he had securely place the body of the man that had stolen his heart away for so long on the bed, then he had gone ahead to cuff him to the railings just in case he woke up and started to act funny. He wouldn't want to hurt him.

Placing a duvet over the sleeping body, he sat on the edge of the bed and watched with intrigue until he woke up.

Jin's POV

I tried to open my eyes but the whole place spun around me so I thought better. I groaned in pain as I brought my hand to rub my eyes, my head ached like a live band was performing in there.

I was never going to drink again. Ever.

"Hope? Baby, can I get some aspirin I feel-" I sighed to myself and realized Hope had probably gotten to his destination by now.

God! Why did I do that last night!? I should have gone with him! Instead I hurt him again. Why did I keep hurting the one that I love over and over again? Did he really deserve this?

I had to talk to Hoseok. Maybe he had called my phone.

"Yoongi!" I called but I got no reply.

I decided to bare the pain and ache, and get out of bed, but as I tried to move my other hand it felt like I had no hand. My left hand felt so numb and I managed to open my eyes to see what was happening. I probably slept on it, it wouldn't be the first time tho.

But as I opened my eyes and followed my hand that as hanging and cuffed to the railing of the bed, I started to get confused. How did that happen? Did I have a rough night last night and how rough must it have been that I woke up cuffed to the bed and-

It wasn't my house! What the hell!? Whose house was I in?! Oh God! I had cheated on Hoseok again.

"Fuck," I groaned as I tried to wriggle my hand out of the cuffs but nothing. "Oh God." I was starting to panic, what was happening? "Hello?! Hello?!"

I kept calling on whoever I had come home with but no one replied me.

"Hello? Please, come get me out of this," I called but still nothing.

I looked around the place and looked closely at the room, real close with a sober understanding, then I realized I had been kidnapped. By a stalker.

All over the wall, every single inch of the wall, not even a little crack, had pictures of me. Pictures from years ago, from my high school days, from my college days and even from Hoseok and I being intimate.

I clasped my free hand over my mouth to not scream in panic as I started to search for my phone, but it was no where close. It wasn't in sight.

I felt so scared at once. Then it all came to me who the stalker was. Where had he gotten the photos from?!


When I had thought he had decided to let me be, he had actually been planning on abducting me. That fucking bastard, it got me so angry to think of it now.

"You little piece of shit! Get me out of this! You stupid fucker!!! Get in here if you have the balls! I'll fucking kill you!"

I screamed and tugged on the cuffs, dragging and bruising myself, but I didn't care, I wanted to get the hell out of here! To be with Hoseok, that was all I wanted.

But I didn't know how long that would be. If Namjoon was capable of abducting me like this, he sure didn't plan to let go of me so fast, but still, I wouldn't give up.

What If he had plans of hurting Hoseok? That couldn't happen!

I had to get away, fast.

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