I have caved and have written a fanfic, of One Direction. Enjoy, because I've enjoyed writing it :)

The character Chanel is me, and Marie is my best friend Toni. :) Xx

I posted a picture of myself so you all know what I look like :) Imagine me with blonder hair 

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Chapter One


I walked to my car as I received a text from management, rolling my eyes as I stepped into my Ferrari. They needed me to come in for a meeting with the guest star of the second season. They had big news about a popular singer coming onto the show, after their tour in America. They wouldn’t tell me who the singer was, and I was nervous thinking about it. I had stopped to get Starbucks, after my late night last night. Meetings consumed me all day and night, talking about the upcoming season of my show. I starred on a hit TV series and it got picked up for another season. I’ve been acting since I was little, but I finally landed an audition last year. I was still new to the fame, but I made it through. It was weird to think about how just over a year ago I was sitting at home, on my couch, trying to make it through high school. I was eighteen and would be nineteen in the winter. It was the perfect timing for my career, so I didn’t have to learn off of a tutor. I drove to the studio and up to the gate. The security guard let me in with a breeze and I parked in my personal parking space. It was routine coming here so often. I was dressed in light wash skinny jeans and a crop top showing just under my mid section. It hid my belly button ring perfectly, so I wouldn’t have to bring attention to it. The shirt said, “Young, wild and free,” a motto I went by. It was green with black letters, the green making the green in my eyes stick out even more. I wasn’t one to flaunt my stomach around, but I wanted to dress more casual today. I paired the outfit with my white converse, loving the feel of actual shoes for once. My blonde hair was left down in soft, natural waves and I had sunglasses on my face to hide my bags. I would take them off inside, but, for now, they stayed on my face. I decided to not wear makeup today, not caring what people thought. I was extremely tired, and my attitude about today showed it. I walked up to the front desk, asking where management was today. I walked to the room she told me to go to and knocked on the door hastily.

“Come in,” I heard Michael yell from inside the room. I sipped my coffee before opening the door and walking in. There on the couch sat my publicist, Lisa, looking at me with an excited grin. She was twenty-one, and I hired her when I started my career. Next to her sat my assistant Olivia, looking ready to take notes on today’s meeting. I looked over at the other couch and almost fell over with shock. Zayn Malik sat on that couch, smiling pleasantly. I wasn’t surprised because I’ve heard rumors of him taking up a small career in acting, but I didn’t know it would start here. I had met Zayn before briefly, only we were introduced at an after party. I was introduced to all five boys actually, but that was over six months ago. I doubted he remembered me. Zayn had to be my second favorite out of the five talented boys, Harry being my first. His bad boy charm was what had girls all over the world drooling, my friend Marie included. His hair was styled to perfection, his white teeth shining brightly. He was wearing a grey polo with dark wash jeans, and classic red Supras. He had a varsity jacket over his polo, and it looked amazing. This boy knew how to dress, I have to admit. He had his hair left down, showing that he hadn’t cut it recently. He sported a pair of glasses, giving him that sexy look all the girls loved about him. I listened to their music, but I wasn’t a fan girl, nor did I ever want to be. Crying about meeting Zayn Malik wasn’t my thing. A year ago, Marie and I would be crying if they even followed us on twitter. After my recent fame, I learned that they were just like us. Marie has met her fair share of celebrities, since she lives with me in California. I use her as a date to all the parties, not having my own. We're known as the classic duo of Chanel and Marie, and even did a few videos to my fans. Michael sat at the desk with his assistant talking to him about the ideas.

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