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A few drags of the cigarette later she flicked it onto the floor and crushed it with her famous cherry red heel and decided she couldn't face all the shouting and getting no where with it so she found her car and lowered herself into her seat throwing her bag into the passengers side she drove to the south -side to find out how she was going to become a serpent there was only one person she was looking for her dads second in command she had a hunch she he would be at the wyrm

after a 10 minute drive she pulled up at the familiar bar she had been to regularly over the past year and a half and got out of the car and heading through the double doors with stride in her step she scanned the place to see who she was looking for her eyes stopped when she spotted the bright green eyes she walked over to him playing pool the bar was mostly empty because it was during the day "hey tallboy" she came to a stop with a click he looked up from what he was drinking "what can i do for you little lady" "well i wanted to talk to you about becoming a serpent and the initiations towards it" he scoffed "so you wanna become a serpent what for your little boyfriend sweet pea or for the loyalty of your father ?" "what how do you know about that and yes for the both of them so are you gonna help me or should i go back to my father " she had her hand on her hip her bag on her other arm "well the first task is to take care of the be-" "i can't take care of hotdog my dog doesn't get along with other dogs" he took a sip of his drink "well looks like your just gonna have to go straight to the final test toni will explain it" and just like that the conversation was over her head turned to the side to see toni serving at the bar

"hey what are you doing here topaz shouldn't you be at school?" "i could ask you the same question walker or should i say jones" she winked "anyway straight to the point tallboy said there's a final test to becoming a serpent so what is it " "oh hell no your dad would flip if you did this final test maybe you should talk to him " she raised a brow " toni i want to earn my place in the serpents not being a daddys girl " "lets hope your right jones listen its this sexist dance all of the girls have to do" the blue haired girl smirked "i'm down for that hell i'll do it now if you want i put on my good underwear just for sweet pea " she laughed "ok C go ask tallboy " she made her way to the man again and said "i can do the dance now there's not that man people around and i can't get jealous from sweet pea gimme 5 minutes to learn it and i'll be up there " he nodded as she walked away to learn the dance of the serpent and she wasn't wrong after 5 minutes exactly she was up on stage and the music began playing

she looked at toni who played the music as soon as the rhythm began the girl shed her clothes to reveal the matching cherry red underwear and wrapped herself around the pole moving with the music until the music soon faded away and she let go of the pole and stood staring out at the half empty bar men whistled and clapped she looked at tallboy who walked up the stairs and into the office that belonged to her dad he came back out with a new leather jacket in his hand before he could reach the bottom of the stairs the girl had redressed he got up on stage and handed her the jacket "welcome to the serpents kid " she hugged him while slipping the jacket onto her and said "thank you i'll see you later i have to go do something" he nodded and went back to his own business

she ran to her car started it up and headed straight for the school on the south-side she raced to the car park knowing she only had little time she got out and leaned on the hood of the car waiting for the boy she loved to please after what felt like a few minutes she heard the bell ring and her eyes shot up to the front door still waiting until finally the boy pushed out the door playfully fighting with fangs until fangs stopped when he saw Celestia he nodded in her direction causing sweet pea to look round to see the stunning girl in her skin tight dress her cherry red heels and her new leather jacket she got herself off the car and sauntered over to him "hey fangs hows it going ?" "um its going good i guess" they conversed while sweet pea looked jealously then she turned back to sweet pea "oh hi i didn't see you there " she laughed "Celestia what have i told you about coming here we literally spoke about a few hours ago" "well actually sweetie pie i wanted to show you something, so what do you think of my new jacket cute isn't it but wait there's more " she turned around and lifted her hair up to reveal the logo on it then turned on her heel to face them all they stood speechless "say hello to the new serpent princess" she smirked folding her arms across her chest "well say something" "i-i just wow i never thought i'd see the day my northside girl would be wearing a serpent jacket" she raised her brow "i've worn yours before" she playfully hit his arm "no i meant YOUR own one " " i know right turns out my dad had it ready made for me anyway i'm here because i was wondering if you would come with me to get my tattoo and i mean i would go on my own but i what if it hurts and i'm all on my own " she pouted "hell yeh i'll come you might need a shoulder to cry on" he smirked" "very unlikely but we can take my car so hurry up okay, it was nice to see you again fangs i'll see you at the wyrm tonight" she kissed sweet pea on the cheek and walked to to the car revving the car indicating she was getting impatient fangs looked at sweet pea and said "you need to keep hold of this one she's a wild thing" they exchanged goodbyes before sweet pea jogging to the car and getting in "why does your car have to be so low down " they both laughed and began their drive to the tattoo parlour

"so have any idea where you want this tattoo beautiful?" "yeh i gave it a lot of thought and i'm gonna have it on my chest close to my heart " as they concluded their conversation they pulled up to the small building that had graffiti all over it. they walked in to be met with a man many piercings who greeted them and said "so your here for a tattoo i'm assuming ?" "you would be assuming right i'm here to get my serpent tattoo to make it official " she looked up at sweet pea who had his arm around her shoulder and smiled down at her the tattoo artist then said then said "okay then come take a seat over here and we can started straight away " she did as told and sat on the chair "so where were you thinking ?" "umm the left side of my chest" she pulled her shirt down slightly exposing her chest then the needle hit her skin she didn't even flinch an within half an hour it was finished he handed her a mirror and she admired it "i love it thank you how much is that please " he replied "i never caught you name " sweet pea replied for her "Celestia jones" the man quickly said "oh its on the house especially for Fp's daughter is there anything else you need" the girl gave her boyfriend a mischievous look "yeh actually sweet pea can you wait outside " he gave a questioning look then nodded and walked out "yeh i want an eyebrow piercing please" she said smirking"no problem just lay down and relax" within minutes it was finished she looked in the mirror on the wall and saw a silver bar through her eyebrow "thank you so much i'll make sure to come back for more " she walked out the door and out the tattoo parlour to see sweet pea leaning against the wall waiting for her "you know the keys were in my bag right sweet" "what the hell is that on your face?" she giggled and pointed to it "oh this its a piece of metal in my eyebrow " "i know what it is, what is it doing on your face"she looked at him "i've wanted it done for ages please sweet pea" " your dad is gonna kill me " she hit his arm " don't worry i'll cover for you babe, actually speaking of my dad i was going to see him at the prison you wanna come with me ? " he shook his head "i don't wanna be there when he see's your face, anyway gotta go get my bike from school" "suit yourself you want a ride to school for your bike?" he thought for a minute and nodded so they both got in the car Celestia dropped the boy off at the place of meeting and headed off to the prison

she made her way into the prison and signed all the paperwork and was finally led to the rows of booths all separated with a sheet of bullet proof glass she sat down waiting for the siren to sound indicating he was on his way she had come to the prison to tell her dad about everything new

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