Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

I tied the ribbons of my pointe shoe around my ankle before standing up. I crouched back down, leaning my weight over the boxes of my shoes to stretch my ankles and arches. A squeal came from behind me and suddenly someone tackled me, knocking me off balance and onto the wooden floor.

“What the heck!” I yelled, rolling onto my back to see who knocked me over.

Ella, the only girl who bothered to try to talk to me, was grinning from ear-to-ear, barely able to keep from squealing again. “Did you hear?!” She asked, dancing around like a child.

I sat up, rubbing my back. “You squealing? Yes, I heard it.”

“No!” Ella shook her head, causing her strawberry blonde hair to fall loose from the messy bun she had it carelessly thrown into. “One Direction’s coming here!”

I swear I stopped breathing. In my head I was screaming, but on the outside I was frozen in place, unable to believe this could really be happening. Niall was going to be in the same city as me after all this time.

The full force of this moment hit me and I squealed, throwing my hands over my mouth while my eyes grew wider. I jumped around in a circle, not caring how ridiculous I looked. Ella joined in my ‘fangirling’, grabbing my hands and jumping up and down. It was tempting to tell her the true reason behind my episode.

“I can’t believe this!” I squealed, hugging Ella.

She snickered. “I didn’t know you were such a Directioner!”

I bit my lip, realizing she would never believe I was in a relationship with Niall. “Oh you know,” I faked a laugh. “I’m just like all the other teenage girls.”

Our instructor, Ms. Lister, came into the room then, calling the class to order. We did a quick warm-up then got into our places to go over the choreography we had already learned for our production of the Nutcracker. I jumped into the choreography, more enthusiastic than I had ever been since coming back.

I did my duet with Ella with a true smile on my face, something Ms. Lister had probably never seen. Our dance was as far as we had gotten, so when we were done we stopped and waited for further instruction.

Ms. Lister clapped, but it wasn’t a normal clap. It was one of those slow sorta creepy claps that made me bite my lip and worry.

“I’m impressed, Kora,” she said, nodding her head. “That was the most passionate I have seen you dance all year. What changed?”

My smile returned. “I guess I’m just having a really good day.” That was to say the least. In all honesty, this was probably one of the best days of my life.

The girl from the front desk cautiously walked into the room, waiting in the corner for Ms. Lister to notice her.

“Yes, what is it Lila?”

Lila looked over at me. “A package came for Kora Benson. It’s at my desk whenever you want it.”

I looked over at my teacher, asking her if I could go with my eyes.

Ms. Lister grinned. “If you promise to keep dancing the way you just did, you may go get your package.”

“Thank you!” I chirped, running out of the room.

Lila handed me the rather heavy box once I got to her desk. I took it back to the dressing rooms and tore into it after making sure I was alone. The first thing I pulled out was a note.

Dear Red,

I squealed a little before continuing to read, automatically knowing who it was from.

Dear Red,

By the time you get this, it’ll be a week before we come to New York. Before you read any further, open the first envelope on top of the package.

I grabbed the envelope, practically tearing it open because I was so impatient. Inside were two front row tickets to none other than the One Direction concert next week and backstage passes to go along with them. A massive grin overtook my face as I went back to the note.

You’re grinning aren’t you? Anyway, now pull out the next thing in the box. It’s what you should wear to the concert.

I did as Niall instructed, pulling out a white ‘I <3 Niall’ t-shirt that was signed by all of the boys, Danielle, Eleanor, Josh, Paul, and a scribble from Lux. I laughed out loud, not believing this was happening.

Don’tcha love it? ;) Okay, now open the wrapped gift at the bottom of the box. I have a feeling you’ll love it.

I reached into the cardboard box and grabbed the small, silver wrapped rectangular object. After ripping the paper off, I discovered the rectangular object was a jewelry box, like something you’d put a necklace in. I scrunched up my nose, confused as to what could be inside. Then I opened it and almost squealed once again.

Resting inside was Niall’s shamrock necklace, the same one he never ever took off. I pulled it out and kissed the shamrock charm, only barely containing my joy to see it. I picked the note back up and kept reading.

Now you have a piece of me to keep close to your heart until I come to get you. I promise, Kora, I’m bringing you back to London when I come to New York. It’s my goal and the reason this was a spur of the moment event. Don’t lose hope in me and remember that you’re always on my mind, okay? I miss you and I can’t wait to see you.

-Your Niall xx

I jumped up and down, holding the note to my chest along with the necklace. I pressed my back to the lockers, just staring up at the ceiling in awe and going over what had just happened. It amazed me how this boy that I hadn’t spoken to in about four months still cared enough to do something like this for me. Niall, that adorable Irish boy, was coming to New York and promised to take me back to London.

How much better could this day get?


I spun around, shocked to see Ella standing there behind me. “Oh, geez, you scared me.”

She chuckled. “Sorry. Ms. Lister wants you back in class. Whoa! Where did you get all that 1D stuff?”

My goofy smiled returned as my hand tightened around the shamrock. “A friend sent it to me. Tell Ms. Lister I’ll be there in a minute.”

I waited for Ella to leave the dressing room then I quickly shoved all the stuff Nialler sent me in my dance bag in order to keep it hidden from my mom and stepfamily. I threw the box and wrapping paper in the dumpster outside then ran back to the dressing room. With one last look at my dance bag and another dorky smile, I went back to class feeling more like myself than I had in all the time I had been at Joffrey’s.

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