Love At First Sound

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A/N: I am so very deeply sorry to everyone who's waiting on requests, I didn't expect as many as I got. Plus I'm recovering from major surgery as well, the last 3 months have been the worst time of my life, almost losing my life in the process because of a mistake doctors made. I'll try and update this as much as I can, this Imagine is a dream I once had just to get back into the rhythm of things.

*Michael's POV*

I felt like going to my local record store, I'm always checking out the music there. I had my hair tied in a bun so I can put on a real big floppy hat that covers the majority of my face. I flip through the records, seeing some good classics I like, I pick them out as I keep looking around, I flip through some cassettes. I'm a collector, I like to collect music that have had an inspiration on me or just my favourite artists. But I instantly stop what I'm doing when I hear a beautiful sound coming from the other isle...

I walk closer and peek my head around the corner, there stands a beautiful girl singing...a song of mine? But I'm just mesmerised by how beautiful and delicate it sounds coming out of her mouth.

I must have been staring a real long while, because the singing stopped and she was looking at me.

"Oh...sorry." I nervously chuckled.

The young woman blushed as she shyly giggled.

"It's okay, you wouldn't be the first person to stand there and watch me sing." She says.

I took a step forward, she moves some of her hair out of her face. I take in her delicate features, and the beautiful smile forming on her lips.

"I'm Y/N." She holds out her hand.

I take her hand gently in mine and shake it softly.

"I'm Michael, Jackson." I say shyly.

She smiles and nods.

"It's nice to meet you, I hope you didn't mind that I was singing your song." She says.

I furrow my brows, taking off my hat, revealing my face properly to her...just in case she didn't believe me when I told her who I was. She looks directly at me, she doesn't seem the slightest bit bothered or freaking out like I usually have people doing on me. I sigh in relief, it's nice to have someone just accept you as a person for once.

"Not at all, I like your version of it." I smile.

Y/N blushes, shaking her head

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Y/N blushes, shaking her head.

"Yeah well, your version is obviously the best matter how many people sing it." She chuckles.

I scoff.

"Not true, in all honesty...I like your version of 'Off The Wall' better than mine actually. You have a beautiful voice, are you seriously keeping that to yourself?" I ask.

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