For Ivy - Chris Motionless

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For IvyDex1  They wanted a Virgin smut, no daddy or PETPLAY imagine. I tried to write something you might like given what you said, I didn't know if you wanted only one virgin or both you and Chris, so I did this...hope you like it.


Ivy's POV-

I'm sitting on Chris's bed as I watch him pace his room, I'm in sweats and one of his shirts, his arms are crossed tightly over his Chest and his beautiful hazel eyes on the floor.

He's upset, obviously, I don't understand why though. Yeah, all the guys have had sex and he hasn't, well not yet, I'm sure he will at one point. But having your virginity at his age isn't necessarily bad, it just means you haven't found a person you trust enough, I mean I still have mine. It's not a big deal, well, not for me anyway, Chris seems to feel different.

Me and Chris have known each other for a good few years, I met him through Ryan when I visited him at a concert, we become instant friends. He's such a sweetheart and hard to hate or think anything negative about once you meet and talk to him, he's a bit shy at times and only talks if he absolutely needs to or has something to say, which makes him cute.

Chris is very attractive too, making it hard to believe he's a virgin with how many women seem to be falling on their knees for him.

As for me, I just haven't found the right guy, or one I trust enough, I've never been one for one night stands and giving my virginity to a drunk man I'll never see again doesn't sit well with me.

I don't mind having my virginity, it doesn't effect anything in my life, I still work and still do things I love, so I don't understand why Chris is so upset over something like this.

"Chris, calm down. It doesn't matter, you just have higher standards than the guys, it's nothing to get upset over." I attempt to calm my friend down, keeping my voice soft so he doesn't get more upset.

Chris sighs heavily, shaking his head as he continues pacing, "No, you don't understand, Ivy. I'm 31 and a virgin, that's just sad."

I just play with the ends of my brown hair, keeping my blue eyes on him as I feel kinda hurt he basically just said I'm sad for having my virginity, I'm a little younger than him, but not by much.

"I understand a little, I'm still a virgin. But I'm not upset about it, it doesn't effect anything." He immediately stops, staring at me in seems to be shock, did he expect me not to be a virgin? Well I mean, an adult virgin isn't really expected.

"Your a virgin? But how? Your pretty and beautiful." I feel my cheeks turn a light pink at the compliment as I shrug casually.

"Just haven't found the right guy, I guess. But it's nothing to be ashamed of, I don't understand why you are, but if it bothers you this much then have sex, lose it." I fix my bra as I say this, the uncomfortable feeling of it digging into my skin under my breast getting to be too much.

Chris's eyes follow my hands as I do, my blush worsens like the color on his cheeks from looking at my breast.

"Chris, my eyes are up here." He immediately looks away, mumbling an apology, a quiet giggle escapes my throat at his cuteness.

"If you don't like being a virgin, just have sex. A one night stand or something." I shrug as he shakes his head, looking down at his feet before back at me.

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