"Good," Zane says. "I think Sensei wants us to repair the ship's thrusters."

We stand outside trying to fix the Bounty, Jay and Nya doing most of the work.

Jay shouts in annoyance, oil shooting into his face. He spits and groans, wiping his forehead.

"Useless piece of shit!" He exasperates.

"It's worse than I thought," Nya says. "The rotors are completely destroyed. Sorry guys, but I don't think we'll be airborne any time soon."

Cole sighs. "Great! If they attack, we'll be stuck here."

"We couldn't beat one of them before! Oh, we're helpless," Kai says, groaning.

"We cannot give up hope, Kai," Wu says, walking towards us with Zane at his side.

"The Army is indestructible. My powers only slowed them down, you saw it," Lloyd says.

"That's not completely true," Misako says, joining us. "There is a way to defeat them, and it's told within the scrolls."

"Ooh, I love those scrolls!" Jay exclaims.

We walk into the bridge for a more private workspace. Misako places the scroll onto the table, flattening it out and showing us its contents.

"The scrolls say that the power to defeat the Stone Army lies within the Green Ninja."

"I tried as hard as I could. But that obviously didn't work," Lloyd mumbles.

"Yes, but your true power can only be unlocked when your five protectors find their own pure elemental powers," Misako says.

"Are we the protectors?" Cole asks.

"No we're just his sidekicks that dance around in colorful ninja costumes cheering him on," I mumble sarcastically.

Kai snorts and Cole hits me on the shoulder, glaring at me.

"Yes, Cole, I believe you all are," Misako says, smiling slightly.

"Then we're doomed. Our Golden Weapons don't exist and we need them to access our elemental powers," Zane says.

"You don't need them. Your powers exist within each of you. To find them, you must go to the Temple of Light," Misako says.

"What's that?" Nya asks.

"The Golden Weapons were forged there, located on the Dark Island."

"Sweet! We can get our powers back!" Cole says.

"Oh, good! I don't know the full length of my powers," I say, excited to see what I can do.

"What do you mean?" Misako asks, frowning.

"These idiots got the Weapons to no longer exist before I even had the chance to retrieve mine. I was a bit late to the party," I say.

"Hey! We were just trying to make sure Lloyd still existed!" Kai defends.

"And I'm thankful for that," I say. Lloyd grins.

"I'm sure you are!" Jay says. I glare at him.

"Couldn't you guys have waited until I joined the team though?" I say.

"The past is in the past," Sensei Wu says. "Right now, we have an island to find."

We take the city off the ship and the guys go say goodbye to their loved ones.

Cole says goodbye to his father, Jay says bye to his parents, Kai and Nya talk below, and Lloyd talks to his mother.

Zane and I stand side by side on the deck, waiting to leave patiently.

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