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It was days before their mating season, so Donnie had originally intended to tell his brothers today to warn them. He quickly makes his way out of his room, tying his bandanna on around his eyes and yawning. He sighs, walking towards the kitchen where the coffee pot was already brewing some black coffee for him. He grabs it once it finishes, confused as to why it was on in the first place.

He then smells the familiar aroma of green tea and incense. He looks towards the dojo, realizing Leo was up before him just minutes before. He relaxes, stirring some creamer and sugar into his coffee slowly as he began to think. It was natural for brothers to be brotherly with their brothers, right? Raph and Mikey made it look so easy, while Leo and himself never talked regularly and hung out like them. They never bonded, and only talked about missions or plans. Donnie narrows his eyes and sighs, gulping down some of his coffee slowly.

Leonardo suddenly emerges from the dojo, stretching his arms as he walked. He walks down the small steps, then heads towards the kitchen.

"Morning." Leo greeted him, sending him a small smile.

"Morning." Donnie says back, continuing to drink his coffee. "Oh, thanks for starting a pot for me."

"It was no problem.." Leo says, getting a tea package from the cabinets. "It's the least I could do, since uh.."

"Since what?" Donnie turns his head to face him.

"Since uh.." Leo says nervously, pulling out the corpse of the toaster. "Since I uh broke the toaster..again."

Donnie groans and shakes his head slightly. This is why they didn't bond.

"Thanks anyway.." Donnie rolls his eyes. "I'll get to work on it later, don't worry about it."

"Sorry." Leo apologizes, setting the toaster down. "I'll make you another cup of coffee if you want."

"Eh, I can make my own." Donnie turns away from him. "Just don't touch the toaster again, please?"

"Um..but what if I want waffles?" Leo asks, feeling a sense of annoyance coming from Donnie. "If I want waffles then I'm touching that toaster."

"You sound like a perverted mutant who's attracted to toasters." Donnie glares, rolling his eyes again. "You're not touching that damn toaster."

"Yes, I am." Leo retorts, getting a bit louder.

"You touch that toaster and say goodbye to your space heroes channel!" Donnie turns around to face him.

"Whoa whoa!" Leo gets irritated. "You can't do that!"

"And why not?!" Donnie sets his mug down. "I'm the one who fixes everything in this family!"

"Not everything you fuck!" Leo barks, rolling his eyes. "Fine whatever! Take your damn toaster."

"I will!" Donnie glares at him angrily.

"Why can't we ever get along?!" Leo yells, pushing him and stomping away to his room. "Asshole."

"I'd rather die then ever try and bond with you." Donnie says harshly, catching Leo's attention.

Leo stops in his tracks, his heart clenching at the sound of his little brother telling him such hateful words. Why were they like this? Why couldn't they just have a strong bond like Raph and Mikey? Donnie's eyes soften and he tries to get himself to apologize, he decides not to and watches as Leo begins to walk again. Leo walks to his room, slamming the door shut.

Donnie shakes his head in annoyance, crossing his arms and grabbing his mug, heading to his lab.


"Mating season?" Raph asks, his arms crossed.

"I thought that since we were mutants we didn't have that.." Leo says.

"Yea! I don't want to be in heat!" Mikey whines.

"Too bad, it's mother nature." Donnie tells him. "And since Mother nature isn't that easy on convincing, I've conducted a small plan."

"A plan?" Leo asks, curious.

"Yea, this mating season will happen in just three days." Donnie tells them all. "So, it's Wednesday today, on Saturday morning we have to barricade ourselves in our rooms."

"What? Why?" Raph sounds slightly annoyed.

"Because our bodies will desperately want to have intercourse with another." Donnie answers, his hands behind his shell.

"But there's no girl turtles, so we'll be fine!" Mikey smiles, leaning against the couch without a care.

"Yea, doesn't there need to be females involved in mating seasons?" Leo adds, utterly confused.

"Do you guys know nothing about urges?" Donnie asks bitterly. "Our bodies don't care if we're all male! If we need to have sex, we're going to have sex!"

"Eww!" Mikey squirms. "Even if we're all straight..?"

"Yes, Mikey." Donnie looks at him. "It doesn't matter at all."

"That's so weird.." Raph shakes his head.

"Yea.." Leo says uncomfortably.

"I'm not sure how long it will last, male turtles tend to have sex with the same turtle over and over, or move on to another." Donnie says with a unsure voice. "Raph, keep a tight hold on that playboy magazine."

"Already on it." Raph winks, chuckling.

"Ugh.." Leo shakes his head.

"Well, I guess there's no way to stop it huh?" Mikey asks, rubbing his arm.

"I'm afraid not." Donnie nods slowly, sighing. "It'll be over before we know it guys, just be patient."

"This is gonna suck." Leo adds, rubbing his face with his hands.

"Yea, pretty much." Donnie agreed, slumping down on the couch, letting out a loud groan.


The next day came quick, and Donnie was already awake, tinkering with the ShellRaiser. He screws multiple screws along the edges of the large engine, humming softly when the sound of familiar footsteps entered his nonexistent ears. He stops, letting his hands drop to his side and pulling his goggles above his head to see his brother Leo, holding..a broken toaster.

"Why am I not surprised?" Donnie sighs, putting his safety goggles back on and grabbing a blowtorch.

"Haha." Leo laughs sarcastically. "You were right, you can take my channel off."

"Hell yea I can." Donnie blowtorched a small hole. "I knew you would still touch it."

"If you knew then why the hell did you leave it out in the open?" Leo sets it roughly on his desk, crossing his arms.

"Because I wanted to test you." Donnie speaks, turning off the blowtorch. "And you failed."

"Whatever." Leo sighs in annoyance, grabbing a stool and sitting in front of Donnie's desk.

Donnie walks over, taking off his safety goggles and grabbing his toolbox. He sits in his lab chair, spinning it slightly for fun and then pulling the toaster close. Leo watched mindlessly as Donnie took broken pieces out of the machine, humming softly as he began to repair it.
His heart began to beat fast and his fingers began to shake. He quickly looks at his hands, confused as to why he was suddenly acting so weird. His face began to heat up, and his eyes flew to Donnie, locking onto him like a target.

He couldn't move, his mind was the only thing he could control at the moment. His throat became dry and his knees began to buckle in his seat, was this heat?

I thought it was Saturday! Leo gulped, thinking.

"Alright. Here, don't use it!" Donnie pushes it towards Leo. "Okay?"

Leo didn't respond, he couldn't respond, his body was slowly losing control of itself.

"Leo?" Donnie asked, raising a brow. "Leo are you..okay?"

Before any of them knew it, Leo suddenly stood up from the stool and slammed his lips against Donnie's, surprising the him to the fullest.

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