Episode 12: Angry

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I slowly opened my eyes to see an angry Jeon Jungkook. He looked at me with his coldest glares I've ever seen. I look at him confusedly and then he barked again.
"Her!.." he points at my sleeping cousin. And then it hit me, Jungkook didn't know.

"Ahh~ that's what's this angry look on your face is about." I said slyly. I smirked at the idea that popped into my head. "She doesn't like you Jungkookie, she. likes. me!" I said. He looked at me in shock, and then anger again.

"Hyung, she's mine! She doesn't like you, She likes me!" he's said that sounded kinda broken hearted.

"Jungkook-ah, have you fallen for my cousin?" I said with a smirk on my face. Jungkook hasn't like a girl for real since his childhood friend that he hasn't seen in 10 years.
"W..W...What? N..No..." he said with a stutter. Then he blinked like a million times before speaking again. "She's your cousin?..... Why didn't you tell us!" he said which made Y/n move in annoyance. Her eyes started to flutter open.
"Ah~ sorry Oppa!...... J..J..Jungkook what a..are you doing h..here?" she said red faced. He shook his head and ask to talk to me. I look at Y/n then back to Jungkook. I stood up and followed him as he took me upstairs.

I looked back at the boys who were staring at me.... concerned? I just closed my eyes and laid my head back. Suddenly I feel a hand on my head pulling me towards them.

Taehyung's POV
I saw Y/n trying to go back to sleep. I was about the pull her next to me when Yoongi hyung and Jungkook came back. Jungkook sat next to her and Yoongi next to him. Jungkook swiftly pulled her next to him. She took a chance and layer her head on him. I felt hurt but happy at the same time. I was happy for Jungkook because he's done something that he's never done to another girl.

Jungkook's POV
When I pulled Yoongi hyung to talk to me he gave sass. This was what he always did but it felt different then usual. "How come you didn't tell us? " I asked.

"I barely found out yesterday." he said while rolling his eyes.

"This is great! You could help me get her more!" I said excited, then I saw how upset Yoongi hyung just got. I now realize what I have said.

"Ugggg this is why I didn't want you to come. She's my cousin Jungkook, if I would have known I would have never let you toy with her. End it now! Stop toying with her or maybe actually care for her. She's to soft and she doesn't deserve this. She's not like your other toys Jungkook." he said while nagging at me. He started to walk to the basement again and I follow knowing not to go any further in the conversation. I got down the stairs and saw Tae trying to make a move so quickly sat beside her and let her rest on me. She looked cute when she was sleeping.

What am I thinking?
Why did I get so jealous?

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