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Ch.51 Part 2 Christmas Chapter

It's been a little while since the party started and i was casually sitting at the snack table filling cups with drinks and replacing empty trays with others full of snacks and treats, pretty much everyone was here.

I just focused on the snack table and thoughts of how to celebrate Savages upcoming birthday (even though it already passed in reality lol). 

"Fresh! Guess what!?" Trinity yelped popping next to ne out of no where, I nearly fell out of shock but the moment I saw her extreme change in personality I smiled.

"What is it? Did you get a new microphone?" I asked as she shook her head.

"No! Kai asked me to go to dinner with him, as a date!" She quietly squealed fangirling like crazy.

I couldn't help but get excited for her, especially with her adorable purple blush that I'm nice than sure anyone would aw over.

"That is amazing, congratulations! Your brother does know though right I asked as she shook her head, but continued to smile dreamingly.

'Wow she really likes him, speaking of the devil...' I thought snickering as I saw the blue, cyan furred wolf walk over.

"Woof." I simply teased and she got the message her face exploding into a purple hue as she turned walking over to greet him despite her obvious nervousness.

"Stop it!" She squealed stomping away from me embarrassed.

I laughed at this and continued restocking the snacks, although two loud cheerful voices caught me attention.

"Fresh!" Papyrus (UT) and BlueBerry shouted excitedly making me jump a little.

"Yeah?" I asked as BlueBerry grinned widely at Papyrus who returned the look.

"PaperJams here!" They stayed excited yet teasingly but I was confused.

'Who's PaperJam?' I wondered as they suddenly left me by meself and my own thoughts, causing me to stop and think to the point I worried that I forgot someone's name.

"Shouldn't you be worrying about the snacks instead of dozing off on the job?" PJ asked smoothly still managing to make me jump, as I forced my blush away from being caught off guard.

"Ah, yeah. It's just that Blue and Papy told me that some guy was here and..."

"What guy?" PJ cut me off raising a brow (can I even say that? Their skeletons for crying out loud! You wanna now what forget it! Who says fanfiction needs logic!)

"I don't know, they just saod some guy named PaperJam was here." I shrugged but I instantly notice his face go from a teasing grin to an almost horrified look.

"What's wrong?" I asked deciding not to hide the fact I noticed it and he seemed to flinch back into reality.

"Uh...N-norhing!" He denied.

"Did you just stutter?" I raised an eye brow at him as a small smile formered on my lips.

"No! I didn't! I just had to sneeze." He said but i could tell he was lying.

"Then why hold it?" I asked.

"Because I don't want to sneeze on the snacks and also I don't feel like sneezing anymore." He argued a majenta tint forming on his cheeks, I could help but genuinely smile at this as I laughed at him.

"What's up with you? It's just a name..." I snickered crossing my arms as I watched him become vulnerable.

"Nothing is up." He mumbled as lights began glowing over our heads.

"I call bull pucky!" Savage's voice came from above and we looked up, my face instantly turned blue.

"Amber what the heck!" I shouted.

Hanging about us was Savage and (Y/N). (Y/N ) was dressed as a mistletoe and Savage was dressed up as some kind of christmas version of cupid.

"You heard the llama! She said bull pucky!" (Y/N) claimed as Savage shot love shaped arrows at me and PJ.

"Okay, I knew you were weird but what the hell are you doing?" PJ asked dumbfounded as I nodded next to him.

"Doing my job, now kiss!" Savage shouted so only we could hear as (Y/N) and Savage shoved me and PJ, and much to my fortunate dismay their plan worked together.

We pulled away both our faces glowing as Savage and (Y/N) flipped out over the 'cute' photos they took.

"Amber!" I practically wined as my face became a darker blue every second that passed by.

"Merry Christmas fuckers, you both know you love me. Of course not as much as you love each other..." She made sure to whispered the last part loud enough to mock us as me and the jock stood there in momentary shock.

I looked over to PJ with a massive blush as I breathed in not knowing what to say, so I smiled and tried to shrug it off. Key word TRIED.

"Um...Merry Christmas...?"

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