S l e e p i n g B e a u t y

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"Yuri I love you"

The words seem to ripple through the air.
Everything was so chaotic in my mind. I felt like there were a million voices whispering things into my head and  everything seemed to be shaking yet, everything was still and Silent.
Nothing felt right. Everything felt off. I felt like I was waiting an eternity for Yuri to say something back to me.

"I love you too! Your like a brother to me!"

What no no no...

"No. I love you more then that."

"Omg... Beka I-"

Before he could say anything I felt as if I was going to faint. I didn't want any of this to happen. Nothing felt real. There were voices in my head. Nothing was still.


The door we were no less then 5 feet away from creaked open.

No god.
Please no.
Now if all times?


My mother screamed as she stormed forward with her homophobic glare and as my dad looks down on me with disappointment.
I didn't care tho. I couldn't. I almost couldn't feel anything. At all. But I was so annoyed. I don't know who I was annoyed at.
My parents?
My job?
No. I was annoyed at myself. I'm so selfish and stupid. This is my fault. But I don't know how to fix it.

"AH STOP what are you doing! Let go of me!"

My mother grabbed Yura's arm and neck and began to try to literally throw him out of the house. He struggled to brake free and all I could see on his face was how scared he was. He was in pain. He doesn't deserve this.
I sprang up from the floor and felt like I was nothing. I was moving but it was in slow motion almost.

My dad yelled to me.
My mom seemed to be pulling something out of the closet next to her. All while Yura was staring to cry,  pleading for help and screaming he was sorry.
Why? He didn't do anything. He was perfect.
She took out a wooden bat and threw her arm back.
She was going to hurt him.
All I did was scream. I couldn't move.
I screamed so loud I thought the cups were going to break. I closed my eyes. I felt so strange. Everything was still shaking. I had no idea what was happening. Everything got more and more violent.
The shaking.
The  voices.

Then, everything calmed down.
It was slow.

Everything was dark.

But nothing shook~

But there was no voices~

I opened my eyes.
I was covered in white fluffy sheets.
My bare back felt cool against them.
I could see outside through the glass French doors. There was a beautiful beach, with rolling waves.
I was very confused.
I tried to sit up but was held back by a small, delicate arm.
I turned over to see the most beautiful site. A sleeping beauty.
Then I realized, it was just a dream. All of it; the car accident, the coma, my parents, my job.
Jeez maybe I was the one in a coma.
I turned over onto my side to face him.
I brush the blond hair behind his ear to reveal his pretty face.

"Good morning love" he whispered to me with a slight smirk as he opened his eyes.

"Oh I'm sorry babe I didn't mean to wake you up"

He gave me a kiss on the lips before he sat up to stretch

"Have I ever told you how much I love you" Yura said to me through a yawn.

"Maybe once or twice but I think you should tell me again just to i'm clear" I said thinking about how lucky I am.

His musical laugh dances around the room as he fell into me to hug me and kissed my collar bones.
We laid in bed a little while longer, cuddled and kissed while listening to the ocean waves on the sand.

Everything was perfect. Everything was fine.


Ahhh wow ooof  ThATs the end!! Sorry it's late I had mid terms and I'm so unbelievably stressed and annoyed but I swear it's fine. Also I love y'all so much!! I'm planing to write more stories in the future and thank you all for your support so far

💕💕💕~ Cas

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