harsh words and uncomfortableness

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Naruto's POV

Sasuke showed them the baby pictures while i looked behind me to see no one but I felt like someone was watching me closely.

But after a while I turned back around to talk with my friend more until a smirk went across his face and I knew what he was thinking "I have one favorite pitcure that was sent to me by one of my brother" he says.

As I instently knew what he was talking about as my face started going red taking his phone away "really" he says looked at while I just looked away.

I didn't say anything as I stayed silent there is no way I'm gonna embarrasse myself any more than I already have.

Sasuke sighs "don't worry I wont let them see the picture" he whimpered for only me to hear while our friends just started at us curious.

I only made a small smile at him returning his phone to him then silently looked down and everyone at the table was quiet.

"so are you excited for the new adventure the our teachers gonna do for us" kiba says trying to spike up a conversation "yes" Gaara agree as he nods as shino only nods his head "hey Sasuke" I asked earning my mans attention, "do you think we'll be able to go" I asked as he only shrugs "depends on if they'll be able to stay home or not" Sasuke says drinking his milk.

Sasukie hugs his brother from behind as he just popped out of no where "Sasuke" he says "what" Sasuke replied pushing his brother off "can I ask you a favor" Sasukie asked.

Third person POV

Sasukie looks at his brother while smiling softly "what is it" Sasuke replied bored already "can you help me sneak th......" "no" Sasuke says not even giving his brother the chance to finish his sentence "wha but Sasuke" Sasukie begged, doing puppy dog eyes "no gonna happen" the raven replied pushing his brother away and turning away from the heart broken wolf who was on the floor "your cruel" Sasukie says while whimpering "sorry life's a jerk than" Sasuke says drinking his milk.

Naruto was really confused on what Sasukie needed from Sasuke so badly he was gonna ask but got a glare from said raven who was sitting beside him so he just closed his mouth and went silent.

Menma helped his sad mate off the floor and dragged him off somewhere out of the lunchroom.

Naruto looks at Sasuke then at the doors that leads out of the cafteria "hey Naruto" kiba says earning the blonds attention "ya" Naruto replied back "what's your plan for summer break" the brunette asks "hmm I dont know" Naruto says while, thinking though sasuke already knew what was gonna happen on summer break as he smirks.

"what are you thinking about" gara asks taking sasuke from his thoughts "nothing" sasuke replied back looking away from the group.

Naruto and Kiba tilted their heads then looked at eachother and shrugged "I know what im gonna do for the summer" kiba says "really what" the blond asks smiling "me and akamaru are gonna go traveling" the brunette says smiling showing his canines, "sounds like fun" Naruto says happily wagging his tail.

"Ya I decided we should stretch our legs a bit and have some fun" Kiba says "well me and sensai are going to train" lee says with excitement.

-------------------------------------time skip--------------------(trigger warning if you have ever been bullied before or is a broken soul please don't read this.....please your amazing by the way also skip this part of the story to ok thanks)

Naruto's POV

I was heading to class but I couldnt shake this weird feeling I was being watched as I looked behind me which was a terrible Idea when your in a horror game or a horror move though it really isnt any of those this is real life.......or is it a fanfiction.......I dont know.

I hug my tail making it to class "Naruto" I heard someone call my name as I turned my head to see Ino that's.......strange she never talks to me let alone say my name "hi" I says waving her over as she ran over to me.

"Is something wrong" I ask her as she nodded "what is it" "sai is missing and I need your help lookin for him can you please help me" she asks worried.

"uhhhh no sorry" I replied "why"she asks me 'because I dont help beaches like you' "cause I need to get to class because my brother might get worried" I replied back.

"Why would he get worried when he doesnt ever love you" She asked me and let me tell you that hurt like. Alot "what....of course he does" I say to her tilting my head as she get closer making me uncomfertable, "no. no he doesnt dont you know that everyone is actually faking their love for you" she says getting closer "I dont even think sasuke really loves you neither he probably faking that to just so he could break your heart later on" Ino says.

"your lieing" I said getting a little irritated but also uncomfertable as my ears lowered "you'll see everything in your life is a complete lie no one can be friends with a murder like you" Ino says as I soon pushed her away from me and ran into the room.

I stopped and walked normal acting like nothing happend but that's heard to do when your ears and tail give your emotions away.

(ok it's safe now)

I sat down in my seat sighing looking forward "Naruto" I heard my brother say earning my attention "what happened out there" he asked me "nothing it's fine" I replied looking away from him ignoring everything to think over what had just happened out their.

Menma's POV

My brother's acting weird he's not acting like his weird goofy self like he usually does something happened and I'm gonna have to find out the bottom of this.

Me, Sasuke, and Sasukie will find out whether Naruto like it or not.

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