Chapter 1: the hooded figures

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A/N this is my first nalu fanfic so no hating please😁

Lucy's POV:
It was another normal day at the guild natsu and Gray fighting erza eating her strawberry cake people drinking and Elfman yelling about being a 'man' TOTALLY NORMAL RIGHT!!!😅
Well right now I'm at the bar drinking a strawberry milkshake that Mira gave me.And we'll Mira she's........... Kinda........rambling about OTP and Nalu... whatever that is.(A/N really Lucy what is nalu and I thought natsu was the dumb one😒) but anyways  I WAS drinking a strawberry milkshake until I felt a warm arm around my neck(A\Nand I wonder who it is 😉)i stood up and kicked whoever it was and my milkshake fell off the table (A/N poor milkshake😭 (yes I'm crying ; don't judge me) ) and i turned to find natsu and my strawberry milkshake on the floor i ran over to were my milkshake fell and started crying and everyone in the guild turned to me and sweat dropped well everyone except my best friend Erza that is. She walked over to me walked over natsu and patted my back and started to cry as well.

Erza's POV

I stopped eating my strawberry cake and turned to a crying Lucy on the ground and she was sitting in front of something that looked like a strawberry milkshake on the floor i walk over to were she was stepping over Natsu and started crying while patting her back. "Don't worry Lucy we will have a funeral to show respect for stars death" i said . Everyone sweat drops and thinks  'she named it'.

~Timeskip brought to you by star the strawberry milkshakes death 😭~

No one's POV

When that was all over there was a loud boom in the guild and two figures walked in the guild and looked around for a minute but and stopped when they found what it should I say who they were looking for .

Natsu's POV

There was a loud boom in the guild and I turned to see what it was when I turned i saw 1....4  people with hoodies on (really natsu there was only 2 people😒) they stopped looked around for a moment and stopped and began to stare at..............................LUCY!!? I all of a sudden got into battle mode and yelled "WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN OUR GUILD!!!?" they just stopped stared and started giggling in union. They ran up to Lucy and said in union "Long time no see....."

To be continued😋

A/N sorry for and grammar and spelling errors

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