Chapter 3

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Believe it or not, the police arrived promptly.  

The coroners confirmed that Ted was castrated after his throat had been slit.  The wound in his stomach ran from the bottom of his rib cage to the top of his crotch.  His eyes were found floating in a toilet.

On the walls of the bathroom mirror was a message written in his blood.  “I Will Kill Again.”  Followed of course by the famous mark of the Black Widow.

This killer was following all of the old serial murder movie cliches.

The principle decided to call it an emergency half day.  He set up a recording for an automatic cold call to inform the parents.  The kids were happy to have their 3 day weekend, not appreciative of the sacrificed life that got it for them.  As the school was being evacuated and parents arrived to pick up their children, some parents panicking over their child's safety and other parents annoyed they had to leave work early for this, Carly and Lisa sat on a bench in front of the school as swarms of media, ambulances and vans, and the police marched in and out and about.  Both were still recovering from the shock of the horrible gore that they had just discovered.  Lisa was given a loaner shirt from the school office because she had gotten Ted’s blood all over her favorite top.  Lisa was silent while replaying the events over and over in her head.  Carly was rocking back and forth muttering, “oh my god oh my god oh my god,” so much it made Lisa want to punch her.

“Will you pull yourself together?” Lisa said resisting the annoyed urge to yell.  “You’re acting pathetic, it’s not like the body fell on YOU.”

“Fuck you.” Carly replied without hesitation as she stared into the cup of water the police had given her that she clutched with her two trembling hands.  “I've never seen a dead body before. Let alone one like that.  Don't be a bitch.”

“Those are big words coming from you.” Lisa quipped.

“Are you calling me a bitch!?”  Carly contested angrily, finally looking up from her previous forward stare.

“Duh,” was all Lisa said back.  Before Carly could unleash the wrath that was her true feelings about Lisa, two detectives marched up with a set of questions ready.  They were both tall, and in a way, intimidating.  They both had on white shirts and red ties with brown slacks and over coats.  They looked like every cliche detective extra you see in an episode of Law and Order.  One had a blond crew cut, the other was a plain cue ball with a head shinier than a polished bowling ball.

“Good day Ladies.” Said the cue ball.  Lisa already hated this one.  “I am Detective Haley this is Detective Jones.  We were wondering if you girls were ready to answer some questions for us yet?”

It was hard for Lisa to suppress her hatred of the police.  However she kept her mouth shut and focused on the trauma she had experienced earlier.

“Now,” began detective Haley.  “You both found the body?”

Carly nodded and Lisa nodded.  “Yes,” said Lisa.

The crew cut detective said nothing and just wrote something down.

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