Well, that was unexpected

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Why is it so dark and why am I so nervous? It's so ridiculous, these nerves. I'm nearly 18. I can handle meeting all new people at a whole new school in a brand new city...

I'm kidding myself. I am totally out of my depth and not ready for this. I wish I could've packed my best friend in my suitcase before my evil step-mother tore my father and I away from everything I love.

I can do it. I can get out of the car. I believe in myself... plus there's some guy on the bench staring at me judging my obvious nerves so I HAVE to go.

One step at a time. I just need to get to the main office and get my schedule. Just put one foot in front of — "OH!" I screamed as I plummeted to the ground right in front of the main office on my first day.

I am so embarrassed.

"Hey! Are you ok?"

Who said that? I turn around and see the guy who was staring at me running over. He has a guitar slung over his shoulder. Did he have a guitar before? How did I miss that.. and how did I miss how perfect his hair is... and his eyes are piercing my —

"Hey.. you alright? Can you talk?"

Oh... great. Now he thinks I'm nervous AND crazy.

"Yeah, uh... I'm fine. Totally fine nothing to worry about here."

I try and get up but my villainous ankle betrays me. I really took a tumble and this guys sees it.

"OK, you have to let me help you into the nurses office."

He reaches down to help me up and the moment our hands touch it happens. Are sparks real, or did I hit my head too? He's looking at me like he feels it too but can I really be sure. This isn't a movie.

"I'm Drake."

"Hey Drake. I'm Beth."

"Nice to meet you Beth. Would you like to try and stand up again now or are you comfortable sitting on the concrete with everyone staring at us?"

Oh. My. God. He's right. Everyone IS staring. I stand up as quickly as I can on my much more trustworthy non-traitorous ankle. Thankfully Drake pulls me into his arm so I don't have to see the clique of 'Mean Girls' laughing at me as we head into the office.

"So, today your first day here?"

"Yeah, it's that obvious huh."

"Not really." He laughed. "I'm just sure I would remember you if I'd seen you before"

OK, maybe I did hit my head. Did he just say that?

Drake helps me into a chair in the nurses office, but no one is around. He lifts up my ankle and starts to examine it himself after sliding off my battered converse.

"I like your shoes. Did you draw all this?"

"Not just me. A lot of my friends helped too before I had to leave everything back home and come to this crappy small town in the middle of nowhere."

Crap. Did I really just say that out loud. Well, goodbye sparks!

"Ha, you got that right." He said.

"You don't like it here? You seemed pretty confident helping me in here... like you know your way around."

"Just because I grew up here doesn't mean I have to love it. I can't wait to get out of here the minute I graduate."

Why is no one coming in? Where is the nurse? Why is Drake's hand still on my ankle? Why can't I stop looking in his eyes?

"So... your ankle looks fine, Beth. Wait, it looks like you have a scratch on your cheek. Let me look."

In one smooth motion he gently places my foot on the ground and stands up looking at me. Eye to eye. There's that spark again.

"Can I be forward. Would that be too much considering we just met Beth?"

"I'm not sure I understand what you're —"

All the breath leaves my lungs when he places his hand on my cheek softly and kisses me.

How is this happening? Did I not really leave bed this morning? I must have gotten in a car crash on the way in and this is just a fever dream.

We both pull away quickly. He seems as surprised as me about what just went down but regains his composure immediately.

"That was quite nice Beth. What do you think about letting me show you around? I think you and I are gonna have a lot in common."

"Um, sure. Yeah.. that sounds nice."

"You can tell me what you already know about Belleview High School and I can fill in the details while we wait on the nurse to get here and fix you up... although I wouldn't mind if he took his time."

He winks at me and kisses me again. Suddenly, and with more familiarity this time. I start daydreaming about him showing me what else he can do with his hands... on the guitar!

Well, this day did NOT turn out how I expected.

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