Michael Storm was arrested.

The story spread like wild fire during second break. It was so unbelievable to Emily Adams, she had to go ask Natasha Ivory, her former best friend whether it was true.

"Yeah, they say he had drugs in his locker," Natasha replied. Emily's disbelief must have shown on her face, because she quickly added, "His friends said he didn't show up for soccer practice and some of our teachers were complaining about him for weeks now...It kind of makes sense." 

"Not to me. I mean, it's Michael. If it was Eli I would've understood but Michael, he's never in trouble." Emily's voice sounded pitchy and she cleared her throat. Why she felt so strongly about it, she didn't know. I really don't know much of anything these days.

"Not lately. He's been in trouble a lot of times, he even was in the Principal's office. Tracy saw him sitting outside ...You haven't exactly been the most attentive person..." her voice trailed off as Emily's face tightened. Emily knew what she would see- a mask- a cold hard mask.

"I'm sorry Emily," Natasha said quickly.

Emily shook her head, cutting her off, "No... I'm sorry, it seems strange." She tried to smile, but she wasn't sure it worked. She walked away before she could make more of a fool of herself.

She left Natasha staring after her, her eyes burning holes into her back or so it felt like to her. But like most things these days she shrugged it off.

Michael Storm had been caught with drugs.

Should I even be surprised? The most incredibly surprising thing happened in her life and she questioned this?  What astonished her were the feelings the news evoked, she wasn't friends with Michael, she wasn't popular enough to be included into the twin brothers' inner circle. But Michael unlike Eli was actually nice. He treated everyone the same. He made no discrepancies. He also wasn't a womanizer like Eli, did he date like any normal teenage guy? Yes. But did he leave girls crooning to Bleeding Love? No. In fact, girls whom he dated in the past considered him a friend.

But this wasn't why the news upset her, because that was the name for the emotions: Upset. I'm upset.

Michael was among the few who didn't look at her through the eyes of her tragedy. He was the same old Michael: gorgeous, sporty, and sarcastic- in an offbeat way, likeable, intelligent and kind Michael.  And she might as well admit it, before her father died she admired him, even nurtured a secret crush. But her father's death took away everything good from before.

Now she was only upset for Michael.  Someone could have made a mistake. Maybe Eli sneaked his drugs into his brother's things. That made more sense than anything else and what trouble did he get into before?

Is Natasha telling the truth? Do I live in such a bubble that I don't notice anything?

The bell rang and she went to her next class, her thoughts spiraling. It was English with Mrs. Andrews, the Principal's wife.

"I know you would rather not do any work today and that's what I intended but with recent events I think we need a little time to talk."

Emily looked around her. Natasha sat in her usual spot by the window, with Tracy's desk next to hers.  Her former group was also sitting near them:  Aaron, Carl, Gordon (whom Tracy swore last summer had a thing for her) and Louise.

None of them spoke to her now. Not that she minded, it was difficult to try to be her old self, talk about lip-gloss and movies they saw on the weekend, to debate the strengths of girls and guys and drink strawberry milkshakes and go book shopping.

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