Raph x shy Reader

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this was a raqet from Alwa2005


(Y/n)'s P.O.V

i was on my way to the lair to viset the guys. as i walked and got closer i hears yelling "RAPH JUST BECAUSE IM THE LEADER DOSEN'T MEAN YOU DONT HAVE TO SHOW UP!!!" i heard leo scream "YEAH! AND JUST BECAUSE YA'RE LEADER  DON'T MEAN I GOT TO FOLLOW YA'R RULES FEARLES!!!!!!" Raph screamed as i walked in "whats going on" i mouthed to Mikey who looked like he was going to cry "idk" he mouthed back "yame!" Master Splinter shouted ovre both boys "yes father." Leo said bowing his head "go top your room's now." Master splinter said shaking his head after a wial leo was aloud to come out along with Raph but Raph didn't "hey (Y/n) you ok?" Mikey asked "yeah im fine, im gonna go talk to Raph and see if i can getr him out" i wisped as i walked up the stairs that lead to Raphs room *Knock Knock Knock* "GO AWAY!" Raph cryed out throgh sobs "Raph can i come in please?" i asked, my voice just above a wisper "go away." he sobed out quieter "please Raph... i want to help" i wisped then i hered hevy footsteps and then the door unlock and more footsteps as i walked in it was "Raph i cant AHH!"i i shreaked out as i triped over something "Carfull (Y/n)" i hered Raph say as he caught me and then chucaled slightly sobing "Raph... it's okay to cry" i wisped as i pulled myself out iof his arms and hugged him tightly  he was as stif as a bord for about 20 seconts befor he hugged back and cryed into my hair after a bit he stoped but held on tight "why why are you so quiet?" he asked um... because... of... my... chiald...hood...." i said "what do you mean?" he asked "when... i was... little.... i was ....pushed..around and..trated ....like crap..." i said "i'll never let anyone do that to you ever agen, be my girl?" raph said "yes." i wisped as he played with some of my hair


yeah my secont raquest!!!! i hope you liked it Alwa2005!

by Love's ~Marcellus

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