the attack.

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- charlie's pov - 

"where is she?" i asked as i paced up and down the floor.

"honey," my mother said as she sat her hands in her lap, "peter said she was running a little late. let's give her a little bit of time to get here."

"mom," arabella sighed, "it's been over an hour.  i'm even starting to worry."

shawn stepped up from outside our little circle.  "your majesty-"

"shawn, your dating my daughter, it's isabel outside of business matters."

arabella's eyes bulged.  "you know?!"

my mom rolled her eyes.  "for the love of james franco, do my children completely oblivious.  i mean, chuck and nora, i was completely blind to that but-"

shawn cleared his throat.  "uh, isabel," he said sternly, "i think with the terrorist threats that have been made in the past few days, we need to be taking nora's disappearance a little more seriously."

arabella and my mom exchanged a glance of horror.  "you really think?" my mom asked.

shawn nodded.  "at this point, we need to notify the joint chiefs."

i turned quickly and bolted out of the room.  my mother and sister followed behind me.  as they pushed through the door, i heard arabella whisper to mom, "does daddy know?"

my mother responded.  "no, that's your own crisis to deal with."

* * *

"well, folks, if you haven't learned already, you will now." chad sighed on screen.  "the whole city is on lock down.  prince charles' tentative fiancee, miss nora groves, is missing.  she was last seen by palace officials leaving the palace in a government limo.  the car also has not been spotted.  any tips can be received at the 800-number on your screen. we'll keep you updated."

"why the fuck are they even on the air right now?" i bellowed as the joint chiefs and their assistants gathered around the table.

shawn squeezed my shoulder.  "he's on the air with royal credentials so our people aren't.  we're saved and removed from the situation this way."

the door opened behind me.  i looked over my shoulder.

"deej," arabella breathed as she ran to hug my brother.

he patted her on the back and moved to me.  his eyes were narrowed and only looking at me.  "we handle this.  us.  you.  me.  no negotiations.  no military.  just us."

i looked to my brother.  i'd never seen him as a leader, just a wimply little dink that hung around with the weirdest girl i'd ever met, but now, i was seeing the man that would help run the government along side me.

"but, how we don't even kn-"

"sir," one of the interns shouted over the noise across the room.

everyone turned to look at her.  she blushed.  "prince charles or prince dominick.  there's a phone call from you."

i nodded.  "send it to the lock room."  i turned to the technology guru in the corner.  "ping her cell phone in there, too." then i huffed.  "deej, follow."

we walked briskly into the lock room.  the screens were lit up with newsfeed, security footage.  the biggest screen popped up with an attempt to ping nora's cell phone.  d.j. hit the speaker button on the phone in the middle of the room.

"who is this?" he barked.

"uh, deej," a squeaky male voice said, nervously, "it's danny."

d.j. and i looked to one another.  d.j. was our valet, who had been done working since we left for baja.  "go on," d.j. said.

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