Boys don't have it easy

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A/N - Before you read this chapter, I would like to say that the following is Brandon's thoughts not mine. Although, I did have fun writing this chapter. Enjoy! <3

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I've heard girls say that boys have it easy. Granted we don't go through cramps, days of bleeding and child birth but that doesn't mean we have it easy.

Have girls ever woken up with a morning boner? Or gotten a random hard on when literally nothing sexy is even remotely happening?

There is no hiding it. It just sits there, plain as the nose on your face for everyone to see that you have a raging hard on.

Then you get the looks and people thinking you're some perv because what could have possibly turned you on at whatever situation you're in. 

See, I had plenty of time to think this through as I lay on my bed, hiding my morning problem from my family.

I know I have to stop thinking about that dream. I literally had to think of anything other than that dream.

Naked Grandma.

Dead kittens.

Miles and I in the low light of the laser tag building. Our faces aglow with the neon colors and illumination of the black lights, as we inched closer together. 

In a single breath, our lips touch, igniting a passion that burns to the touch.

I wonder if his lips would be as soft as they were in my dream?

Would his body feel as firm and warm under my fingertips?

Dammit! This isn't helping.

I guess I will have to take a cold shower even though that sounds as unpleasant as... well taking a cold shower. 

Still, I suck it up, literally I have to prepare with deep breaths, and take the plunge into the icy spray.

Lucy had asked if I wanted to hang out today and I agreed.

Sure, this is a fake dating scheme, but Lucy is so sweet and fun to be around. I actually had fun with my girlfriend last night.

Maybe, just maybe, it had a little to do with the time spent with my unrequited crush, but it still counts.

I dress quickly, already feeling weird that I wasted most of the day talking down a boner, only to have it not actually work. (The talking, everything else works fine.)

Someone should write a book about the things we won't tell the opposite sex. Chapter one for the boys would definitely be, we talk to our boners. Mostly it's a what the fuck kind on conversation, but still. 

I wonder what chapter one for the girls would be?

"Hey sweetie. I didn't hear you come in last night." my mom yells from the couch as I walk towards the kitchen.

"Too much carnival fun. Sorry" I call, rummaging through the cabinets, pulling out random things that really can't make anything but look good.

"I'm just glad you had fun with Lucy" I didn't hear her follow me into the kitchen, but I saw her putting all my random food away.

She goes to the fridge and starts pulling out lunch meats and cheeses. I smile a little at how well my mom knows me.

"Yeah. I was going to meet up with her if that's cool?" I didn't ask her to make me a sandwich. I know I can make my own.

But my mom makes the best ham and cheese. It's not rocket science but mine never taste as good as the ones my mom makes.

"oh" her mouth forms an 'o' but is soon replaced by a smug smirk "That's fine."

She slides the sandwich over to me and begins to make another one for her. Since she made my sandwich, I decide to grab her a diet mountain dew from the fridge, taking a regular for me.

I don't know how she drinks the diet drink.  It taste so gross to me, like I can literally feel my stomach twisting in disgust at just a sip.

"Thanks honey. Will you be home by dinner, do you think?" I can't tell if she is fishing for information from me or if she is just curious.

To be honest though, I haven't given any thought to what Lucy and I would even do. Maybe go to the mall and catch a movie? Or the roller rink to do some skating?

Either way, I should be home by dinner.

"I don't know. Probably. Why?" I shrug, finishing the sandwich and wiping the crumbs off the counter with my hands.

"Well your father and I were thinking about a date night. If you could babysit Max. You can even invite Lucy over?" I realize what she is doing and I can't help the chuckle that leaves my lips.

"You're telling your teenage son, to invite his girlfriend over to an unsupervised house?" I give her an incredulous look, trying to figure out if this is some kind of trap.

She's really lucky I'm gay, because she is practically setting me up for trouble. One day, after I come out to her, she will probably laugh at this.

"I trust you" She says simply, before a sly smile crosses her face "Besides, Max is the biggest cock block I know."

Fun Fact, Mountain dew burns your nose when you choke on it.

I pat my chest, trying to calm the coughing fit my mom has sent me into.

I wasn't expecting my mom to say anything  like that. By the look of her silent laughter, that has me questioning if she is even breathing, she knows I caught her subtle hint.

"On that note, I'm gonna go. I'll be back for your... erm... date" I shudder as I grab my car keys, leaving my laughing mother behind.

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Short chapter but I hope you enjoyed it

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