Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

May to July was a whirlwind of work with James McCalman.

As far as business was concerned, I maintained an easy-going and efficient work relationship with James. It was nothing like the months working side by side with Jon through the times of his early sobriety, but it was better for me. The dynamic of assistant to the assisted was upheld just as I had planned. I did everything I could to create a boundary to separate my personal life and self from my professional life and self. I was two people and though it could be difficult at times and it felt slightly wrong, I preserved an image of a straight faced and serious assistant that worked diligently but wanted to be kept at arm’s length.

At first James would joke with me, like he had at the black and white party, but once he discovered I was not going to go along with it, he stopped. The casual conversation with him back then had been a slip up and I was determined not to be my normal self with him again. Despite a more regimented and stern environment, I loved my job and I was good at it. James wasn’t paying me to laugh and entertain him, but rather to make his life easier and help him be even more successful. That’s just what I did.

First I learned everything I could about him by asking directly about likes and dislikes in regards to food, drinks, restaurants, snacks, trips, hotels, bed times, wake-up calls, movies, music, and more. I did this through a boring checklist so as not to make it feel like when you make friends or date and learn about each other; that was not the way to maintain a healthy distance.

Once I had the basics down, I learned about all of the people in his life personally and professionally. I had- at the very least- the phone number and email of every family member he talked to and close friend he may need me to get ahold of. For some of them I also had addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, and even- for his mother- a list of her favorite things.

James was confused about the inquiries I made, answering but still insisting that I didn’t need to know most of it. When I had asked the more personal questions about his mother, he answered but seemed perplexed. He was laid out in a similar manner as when I met him- except on his own couch- barefoot in a pair of jeans with holes in the knees and a gray polo. His long hair was tucked behind his ears and I tried not to notice how his biceps flexed as he slipped his hands behind his head. This quickly became the most common position for me to find him in. I silently wished it was winter rather than late spring so that he would be more covered up. There was no denying the raw animal appeal he had; muscles fighting against every inch of his shirt to break free, scruffy face, long messy hair.

“Why do you need to know my mum’s favorite flowers and candies?” he questioned in a puzzled but relaxed manner. His demeanor remained carefree and casual nearly all of the time.

“For her birthday or anniversary or if she goes to the doctor, things like that,” I answered simply, thinking it obvious.

“Are you planning on being her new best friend?” he asked with a twinkle in his eyes- yes, a twinkle, no joke his icy blue eyes sparkled with amusement when he joked around! It was the most ridiculous and sexy thing I had ever seen. The first time it happened I thought I was just too sex deprived and was imagining things. After that I tried not to make eye contact if I could get away with it, but in trying to be my usual confident self, looking him in the eyes was necessary more often than I preferred.

I held back a laugh trying to remain serious, “Of course not, but I assume you’ll want me to send gifts to her occasionally for birthdays and such, right?”

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