Chapter 025: "I Told You not to hurt him."

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                 "You say, 'upset him.' Is that him?" Dr. Owens asked, holding out a picture of Will's drawing. Will hesitantly took the photograph and nodded.

"Okay, Okay I wanna try something. It'll seem a little odd at first, but I think it's really gonna help us figure out what's going on. Is that okay?" Owens asked, turning and putting his hand on Will's shoulder. Will nodded once more.


          A few minutes later they wheeled in some sort of box. Brynn walked up to it and peered inside. In it was a piece of a vine from the Upside Down.

"Don't. Hurt. Him." Brynn ordered. Joyce put one hand on her right shoulder.

"Stay calm." Joyce said. Brynn nodded and looked at the box once again.

"Now, Will, I want you to just let us know if you feel anything, okay?" Owens asked. Will nodded.

             The scientist that was standing beside the box lit a blow torch, and Brynn's eyes got wide. She looked back at Joyce, then back to the blow torch. The man inched it toward the vine.

"You feel anything?"

"A little sting..." Will muttered.

"It stings? Where?"

"My chest." 

"Okay, son." 

     The heart monitor started beeping faster as the torch got closer to the vine. 

"How about now?"

"It... It burns..." Will said and placed a hand on his chest. "It burns!"


"Everywhere!" Will screamed, giving Brynn flashbacks to the night before. Joyce started yelling at them to stop, Hopper soon joined her. Will started screaming and squirming around in the bed, but the man didn't stop.

       Brynn looked at Will, then the man with the blow torch. Will's screams filled her head and she started panicking. She started breathing heavily and put her hands on her head, in an attempt to control her emotions. She could hear her own heartbeat getting faster, until she finally screamed. The man with the blow torch flew backwards into the wall and the torch went out. The man fell to the floor unconscious, and everyone looked at Brynn.

"I told you not to hurt him." 

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