Slash x reader

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hi im trying somthing new and yes this is real and not a prank!


Slash's P.O.V

i was walking on rooftops trying to get back to my home in the sewers i call it the Criped. but i hered a scream and someone yell "STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU CREEP" in broken english and then "oh a Spanish chick this will be fun!" and then i jumped down and knocked some PD's uncontested "Eres una tortuga genial." a girl with (h/c) curly hair said her gorges (e/c) eyes sparcaled in the moonlight "waht?" i asked confused "you are a turtle cook." she said stutering a bit "oh yeah the names slash you?" i asked " (Y/n)." she said "well i got to go (Y/n) you cant tell anyone you saw me by." i shouted as i climed back up the lader and ran as fast as i could

time skip**************

its been 1 year since i met (Y/n) were prity tight and i want to aske her something but i dont know how so im just gonna go with what i got "hey (Y/n) can i aske you something?" i asked her "you just did" she said wial laughing "ugh ok well um ... ¿serás mi novia?" i asked her " ¡sí!" she screamed and hugged me "your a goffball ya know that." i said kissing her forhead as her face went bright red "your blushing." i said "shut up Slash!" she pouited "hey i got food." i said as she just smialed and pulled out some dvd's "i got movies!" she said
"Movie night!" we both said in unisin and ran into the living room


hi love's i know it sucks and all but im brain dead. here are the translaitions the first one is "you're a turtle cool" then the secont one is  "will you be my Girlfriend" and the therd one is "yes" so your welcome i hope you liked it

By Love's ~Marcellus

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