Chapter 33

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"No one besides Allah can rescue a soul from hardships." (53:58)

Safiya closed the Quran as her heart swelled with an unknown feeling. She was getting confused day by day, nothing was understandable as if the whole path was stuck in a fog and she had to search her way without any light.

She had started giving a chance to her religion, she had started reading that sacred book, she was seeking knowledge but where was the peace in her life? Safiya was becoming hopeless. What was her Lord trying to do? How he was rescuing her from hardships? Firstly she suffered from her parents then the after-effects of the abuse and trauma were not leaving her alone. Would she spend the rest of her life with fear? Fear of hurting somebody, fear of everything around her.

"Oh my God! Did you see it?"

"Yes, Safiya. I'm walking with you and with my eyes open. So there's no need to yell like this and query the same thing again and again."

Safiya shoved out her tongue at Daiyan Mustufa. No! Boring Daiyan Mustufa. Now this man had a problem with her excitement, he seriously wanted her to become a boring lady just like him. They had come to one of the biggest shopping malls in the world, 'Galleria Vittorio Emanuele'. It was worth getting surprised for which her husband would never understand. This place was really beautiful with that glass ceiling giving a grand feeling to the whole mall.

"Did you want to shop for anything?" 

Safiya heard his voice from her side and she observed him for some time. He was really asking her. The oh so good Daiyan!



"A new husband." 

Safiya answered with a mischievous giggle to which Daiyan only rolled his eyes, "It's hard to find someone better than me."

"Aha, so full of yourself."  She chirped going through the shops, her habit of window shopping coming back with full force. Safiya didn't enjoy shopping as much she liked spending time going through the stuff in the shop because it came free of cost. But there was that maxi dress which caught her attention, maroon in color with white floral designs on it. It was beyond beautiful but there were already many clothes in her cupboard and she couldn't waste her money on everything she saw.

"You seriously came here just to please your eyes with these shops."


Daiyan smacked his forehead with his palm and she just laughed seeing his helpless condition but even her smile vanished at the very next moment as her husband tugged her with him as he made his way inside the shop. No way in hell!

"Hey. Where are you taking me? Stop it." 

But her pleas fell to deaf ears as they entered one of the biggest boutiques whose name Safiya used to read in leading magazines. She was sure they would charge her even if she took a breath here and she had no idea why her boss had all of a sudden brought her here?

"I'm not buying anything. C'mon. I like window shopping and I was doing it." 

Safiya stopped speaking because Daiyan was not paying any kind of attention to her because he was busy in searching the vast racks of clothing. A saleslady came to his rescue as she ever so smilingly welcomed him and then listened to him as he told whatever he wanted to.

"Come here with me Madam."

Safiya twisted her lips at Daiyan Mustufa while following the saleslady. "Ufff God! Why is he so difficult? So difficult to understand, I'm sure I can crack the hardest sudoku for two times in a row but this Daiyan. Allah Allah!"

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