Eyes On Her

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Part 8-

Demi POV;

I was so scared about my date with Y/N and I don't know why. I've been in lots of dates, but there is something different about her I just can't put my finger on it yet, I guess it'll soon come around. Anyways after me and Y/N finished texting I quickly jumped into the shower, when into the bedroom looking at what I can wear. I didn't wanna look to over dressed. I needed help so I shouted Clo to come help me, I do love this girl though she's the best friend I could ask for ever, we was so close she was the first ever person I told when I thought I was gay when we was at school. She helped me through it , she was always there if I needed her. I'm glad I have her to be honest.

Convo with Demi and Clo

Demi;"Clo come here please" Demi shouts outta the bedroom door

Clo; " coming beautiful"

Clo; " what's wrong dem-dem??" She says smiling her head off

Demi; " need help picking a dress pweaseeee"

Clo;" well.. Mmm I like this dress, but I also love this dress on you. You look beautiful and sexy in it" she says blushing

Demi;" okay aww Clo you're to kind and gay at the same time haha! I'll try them both on, and tell me what looks better"

Few mins later

Clo POV;

I really meant what I said about Demi looking beautiful and sexy. She really does, I've always been straight throughout school then one day Demi told me about her being lesbian, and from that day something changed with me. I felt like maybe I can date this girl one day, I felt feeling for her. She was my baby like noone can have her because she had my heart and didn't even know it because we was "besties" it hurt seeing her dating other girls, but I just kept smiling and looking happy for her because that's what pals do right?? So after we both left school I had to tell Demi I was gay and madly in love with a girl, she was begging me to tell her the girl I was crazy about but I kept saying I can't because it may ruin what we have, she didn't even think it was her but I was aiming things to try making her catch on but she didn't... I was pulled outta my thoughts when Demi was stood infront of me with the deep blue dress that came half way up her thighs, I just stared at her. She was fucking beautiful, my eyes checked her body up and down. Till I looked into her deep brown eyes, I slowly stand up walking up to her leaving no space between us, wrapped one of my arms around her back. Till till we both heard the door! I told Demi I would go the door whilst she finished off.


Later that night

The date was perfect, you took Demi to a white sandy beach led a blanket down with food you cooked before. You thought about taking her somewhere properly but the paps would just ruin the date, it would of pissed you off not being able to have dinner just you two! Anyways you have candles running down to where the blanket was. Demi was feeding you berries but taking a bit first because it "looked nice" idk she's a weird one but that's what you loved the most, after you both finished eating Demi looked so fucking cold, you ran back to your car pulling a jacket and a other cover for her, before walking back to her and wrapping the jacket around her shoulders then lying down, pulling Demi into your chest, you's led like this for hours talking about nothing or nothing but that didn't matter to you because you had the most amazing girl by your side. The night air got colder, you and Demi grabbed everything before heading to the car, Demi said she was tired once we was in the car, I asked if she wanted to come back mine or shall I take her home. She wanted to come back mine which I was happy about!! After about 10mins we arrive at my house Demi was still asleep I didn't wanna so you thought you would carry her she looked cute asleep you took a picture before putting her phone back in your bra and carrying Demi to the bedroom you led her on the bed whist you went back downstairs locking the doors and making you and Demi a hot drink then heading to your room, once you was in your room Demi was awake sitting up messing with her phone but once she saw you she placed it down and giving you the cutest smile ever, always melted your heart!

You but the drinks down and started to take your dress off you felt that Demi was looking but you didn't care, your phone went off and music was play you was dancing around just I'm your underwear and Demi laughing at your crap moves. Demi gets off the Bed and come behind you putting her arms around your body, you jumped a little because of how cold her hands and arms were, she moved her hands to your hips turning you to face her

Demi;"help me undo the dress please baby"

You;"of course" you give her a evilish look

Once she took the dress off slowly teasing you, she was turning you on so bad. You have never ever been this turned on before. You wanted her right now.

You walk over to her grabbing her and pulling her over to the bed, throwing yourself down before pulling Demi ontop of you, started kissing her slowly and gently to start with but soon having a really heated moment, you flipped you both over so you was ontop of her, you slightly lifted her up and putting your hand behind her back and undoing her bra. You massaged her nipple with your finger and thumb Demi was moaning a little, you took your lips to her neck and you knew right way where her soft spot was you sucks and bite in it making her moan louder, you stop what you was doing with her nipple, kissing down her beautiful body her skin was so soft and perfect.. Once you reached her boobs you liked around Demi's nipples making them hard, you let your hand drag down her body slowly painful, Demi give you the look you acted like you didn't see it and carried on. Once you reached her sexy underwear you got off her and the bed, and stripped and told Demi to do the same she quickly listened before lying down again and getting back ontop of her.

Demi;"I've opened my legs wider for a reason" she says whilst moaning into your ear

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