Chapter 1: After Zeref's War (EDITED)

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It's been 1 year since fairy tail defeated the Alvarez Empire. They finished their century quest a little over 7 months ago and just got back from their next mission. On top of that many different couples have sprung in fairy tail. Like Gajeel and Levy, Gray and Juvia, Evergreen And Elfman, heck, Even Erza And Jellal have been hanging out more. Even people from different guilds have gotten together like Sting and Yukino And Rogue And Kagura.

So now our story takes place 1 year after fairy tail defeated the Alvarez empire and our began their new journey of a new life.

Lucy's POV

"And then you had to go and destroy the whole town!" Yells Gray. "Both of you give it arrest!" I say covering my ears. They've been bickering the whole time on the train and still have been the whole walk back to the guild. Both boys completely ignored my words and continued arguing about our mission.

I warned them wait till- "Didn't I tell you to stop arguing!" Erza yells at them as they both cowered away in fear. "Yes mam! Won't happen again!" They both say in unison. "Good, because our next mission will be harder and longer so you both have to get along." Says Erza. We all sweat dropped. "Don't you think we've had enough missions for now?" Asks Wendy who has been quiet this whole time.

"Yeah maybe we should take a break for a few." I say silently hoping this wouldn't end up with Erza yelling at me. "Well you are right. We could hang at the guild and take a few lower class jobs for awhile." Says Erza making everyone breathe a breath of relief.

"Finally I don't wanna be spending months with this ice freak." Says Natsu starting another quarrel. "What did you say flame-" "Stop fighting!" Says Erza hitting them once again. "Yes mam!" Says both boys again.


We all walked into guild and were greeted by the same rowdiness of the guild hall. It was going to be even louder now since Natsu's here's now. "How was the mission?" Mira asks me as soon as I sit down. "Same as always." I respond as Mira laughs. "That's good then, wouldn't want it to change would you?" Asks Mira. I shake my head. "Even though their loud and rude at times I still love them, their my family after all." I say.

Mira smiles. "So is anyone more than family to you?" She asks making me blush and turn the other way. "N-no, why'd you ask?" I ask her. Mira giggles. "No I was just wondering when your gonna find someone to settle down with, half the people on you team are hooking up." Says Mira. I shrug. "Guess I haven't found the right one yet." I say technically not lying.

Sure I've liked Natsu for some time now but he's not exactly the brightest to start a relationship with. He probably barely knows what one is. Mira though, saw right through me. Deep down I know, she knows, that I like Natsu. Maybe even love him.

Despite all the things I know Natsu couldn't commit to, I know I still want to be with him. Even with all his flaws I still like him. His smile, his dense-ness, the way he wants to protect me and everyone in the guild, and who couldn't forget-"

I was cut off by someone falling on top of me, and that someone so happened to be Natsu. "Ouch!" I say rubbing my head. "Sorry Luce but, I got us a mission." Nastu Says as I get up. "Already? I thought we were taking a break?" I ask. "No, our team is going on a break not us." Says Natsu making me roll my eyes.

I shrug. "I'm going home, maybe tomorrow!" I say leaving the guild. I don't really wanna deal with him right now. I need some time to think away from the guild.


As soon as I got home I took a nice and very long, warm shower. I finally get to shower in my own place again. I condition my hair for what feels like the first time in forever using my favorite conditioner. Every time I use it Natsu says I smell like strawberries and vanilla. I shake my head, erasing that thought from my mind. It's not that I don't like it, I love it. It's just that I hate the thought of thinking of someone you love so much, and know that they probably will never love you back.

After finishing up in the bathroom I climb in my bed. I was still sore from our mission. It'll be nice to finally sleep in my own bed again also and slowly I begin to drift off to sleep.

In the morning I wake up and get dressed, getting ready to go to the guild. After putting on my regular attire I head off. I was rather late today, considering I'm usually pretty early. It's already ten o' clock. I decided to run the rest of the way when I bump into someone. That someone so happens to be Natsu.

"Ouch!" I say as I fall down. "Oops sorry Luce but, I was just about to go to your house to get you but here you are! Hurry! Somethings happened at the guild!" Nastu Says making my eyes widened. "Is it good? Bad?" I ask. Nastu smiled his original smile making me calm down a bit. If it was really, really serious he wouldn't be smiling like that. Or at least I hope not.

As soon as we get to the guild I see the guild members being rowdier that usual. A lot of people were drinking and cheering and some were even making bets. Why exactly I have no idea. "What's going on?" I ask Natsu. Nastu smiles. "Ice strippers finally tied the knot and metal face and Levy are having a child!" Natsu Says. My eyes widen and I completely leave Natsu and went to hug Levy and Juvia.

"I can't believe I missed all this!" I Say. "Well Your always late for everything." Says Happy laughing. "Shut it cat!" I Say.


"I can't believe your getting married Juvia!" I say. Right now me and some more ladies were at the bath house in fairy tail. "Juvia couldn't believe Gray proposed this early!" Juvia Says. "It really doesn't matter Juvia. Even though you both started dating awhile ago you've still known each other throughout your times in the guild and even when the guild was disbanded, you guys were still together." Says Mira.

Juvia blushes and smiles. "I still can't believe Levy is pregnant though." Says Juvia making Levy blush. "Yeah I didn't know you and Gajeel were hanging out," I say to Levy as she was now as bright as Erza's hair. "Well yeah we kinda got closer after we defeated the Alvarez Empire." Levy says. "A little too close I guess." Jokes Cana.

"But your having a child before marriage?" Asks Erza. Levy nods. After the baby's born we'll get married." She Says. "Speaking of marriage when are you and Grey getting married?" I Ask. "Probably around winter." She says. "Figured with a Ice wizard and water mage but anyway, when do you think you'll be getting married Lucy." Says Mira.

I sweat drop. "Mira we talked about this I told you-" "Everyone knows you like him Lucy." Said Cana interrupting me. "Oh no Cana she doesn't like him she loves him." Said Mira making me blush. They should really stop hanging around Happy... trails off Lucy.

"We'll Mira when do you think you'll find your knight and shining armor?" I ask as animated as ever. Mira shrugs. "I'm just the match maker I guess." Says Mira as she winks.

For the rest of the night, us girls laughed and basically talked about different topics all night. Fairy tail was in peace. A peace we were hoping would last forever, although we knew it wasn't.

Edited: Tuesday May 29th, 2018

Word Count: 1362

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