Chapter 15 - Friends

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“Hey, I’m Lee. You’re Samaya, right?”

“Yeah. It’s nice to meet you.”

“You, too. So, you want to sing with us tonight, huh? Just one song?”

“Definitely one song.” I laugh.

“Okay, so do you know the words to ‘I Touch Myself’ by Divinyls?”

“Um…” I roll through my mental song list. Isn’t that song about sex? “I’m not sure if I know the lyrics.”

“Don’t worry. I have the sheet music. Jason chose it for you. He was very insistent that you sing it.”

“Oh, he was, was he?” I meet Jason’s eyes across the bar and watch as a massive grin spreads across his face.

“Here are the words.” Lee hands me a sheet of paper with the lyrics on it.

I let my eyes scan the words. Holy shit.

This song is about a woman making herself come while she’s thinking of the man she wants.


I glare at Jason across the room.

The smile on his handsome face gets bigger. I have the sudden urge to wipe it off.

I can’t sing this.

“And here’s your mic.” Lee hands me a microphone.

“Thank you.”

“You ready to do this?”

Nope. “I guess…”

Jason is so going to pay for this later. He can forget the bed tonight. At this rate, dude is going to be sleeping alone with only his hand for company.

I blow out a breath and put the microphone to my lips.

“I’ll count us in, and then we’ll start playing. You count to sixteen in your head and then start singing. Okay?”

“Sixteen. Okay.”

My heart starts pounding, and nerves are swimming in my belly. My palms start to sweat around the microphone.

You can do this, Samaya. No fear.

The band starts to play. I shut my eyes and begin counting. When I reach sixteen, I flick my eyes open, stare down at the first words, and then I start to sing.

Oh my God, I’m singing. In a bar filled with people.

I’m singing in a bar full of people, and…I’m actually not that bad.

Hell yeah. I’ve got this.

By the time we reach the chorus, I’m totally into it, shaking my hips and ass on stage and belting out the words. Jason, Eddie, and Cam are all cheering me on. People in the audience are singing along. Some are even getting up from their seats and dancing.

My confidence is soaring.

Maybe Jason was actually onto something with this song.

I feel awesome!

And then we’re on the last chorus, and the song is over way too quickly for my liking.

People are clapping and cheering. I see Jason standing up on his stool, whistling.

I give a little bow.

I have never felt so amazing in all my life as I do now—well, apart from when I’m in Liam’s arms.

“You were great.” Lee smiles at me.

I hand him back the microphone and sheet music. “Thanks.” I beam. “And thank you for letting me sing with you guys.”

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